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Penguin Gets New Beak

March 27, 2014


The Penguin Post has learned that an African Penguin at the Warsaw Zoo in Poland who damaged his lower beak will be given a new, prosthetic beak thanks to new 3-D printing technology.

His keepers don’t know exactly how, but four weeks ago one of Warsaw Zoo’s African penguins managed to break his beak, damaging the bottom part to the point that the bird could no longer eat or preen, putting his life in danger. But there was hope to be found in technology; more specifically, 3D printing.

To restore his life to normal, a team of 3D printing specialists and veterinarians are collaborating to build a new beak. First, the team made comprehensive scans of the beak of a dead penguin from 12 different angles in order to figure out the shape and dimensions of the beak. Then, 3D printing specialist Omni3D built a model of the beak that would fit the wounded bird.

The beak itself goes to print this week on by MTT Polska, using a high-tech eco-plastic, and will be fitted to the bird in a complex operation. Veterinarians will put the bird under general anaesthetic, then grind down his beak so that the prosthetic can be placed over it. MTT Polska is also making beaks in several different materials — plastic and silicone — in case the prosthetic falls off or proves unsuitable.

In the meantime, the penguin has been fed by hand, but if the operation succeeds, the little guy will soon be devouring his herring along with his fellows with no indication that anything was ever amiss — except, perhaps, a brightly colored beak as a memento.

Penguin Picks Super Bowl Winner

February 6, 2012

Pebbles the penguin picks Super Bowl winner!

Is Irish Penguin Lonely or Lazy?

August 23, 2011

The Penguin Post has been made aware of a video of a lonely, or lazy penguin at Fota Wildlife Park in Cork.  Depending on if you’re a glass half lonely or half lazy kind of person.  The video of the unresponsive penguin has become a recent internet sensation, garnering over 70,000 YouTube hits.  The clip taken by blogger Sean McEntee shows feeding time at the park, when all the penguins scramble towards a golf buggy bringing their dinner except for one, which stands alone and- if it isn’t just our imagination – looks forlorn. But, really what is going through this penguins mind?  Only he (she) knows for sure.  Fota Wildlife Park tweeted earlier today “One of our penguins has become a YouTube sensation”. The clip has also been picked up by the website I Can Haz Cheezburger (who dubbed in some soft, slow piano music for extra effect). But perhaps we shouldn’t feel too sorry for the little fella. Sean McEntee wrote on his blog: “People have speculated as to why the penguin didn’t move when the rest did […] The lone penguin is standing in the area where the penguins get fed, so he was probably just smart and very experienced. “Why move when I know the food is going to come to me?”  Obviously, Sean is in the lazy camp.

Lazy, lonely or....perhaps just not hungry.

Happy Feet May Have Happy Ending

June 26, 2011

The Penguin Post has learned that New Zealand multimillionaire, philanthropist Gareth Morgan is coming to the rescue of Happy Feet, the stranded and desperately ill Emperor penguin. Morgan said that if Happy Feet survives, he would take it back to Antarctica on a Russian icebreaker. Morgan is leading an expedition to the Ross Sea on the Spirit of Enderby in February, and said Happy Feet and a Conservation Department minder was welcome to come along for the ride.  He also said that Happy Feet was welcome to jump ship at any time if he met other emperor penguins along the way.

Happy Feet not looking so happy spitting up sand he injested.

The wayward emperor penguin, who has in the last week captured New Zealand’s as well as the worlds hearts, was last night at Wellington Zoo recovering from dual operations to remove sand from its oesophagus and stomach. The Antarctic visitor apparently confused the sand with ice, which penguins eat to cool down, when it arrived on the Kapiti Coast, north of the capital.  Zoo veterinarian Lisa Argilla says the 3kg of sand threatened to harden into concrete balls that could rupture the penguin’s stomach. She said Happy Feet was in a critical condition, despite the surgery. The young penguin was last night in an air-conditioned room at the zoo, nibbling on shaved ice while it recovers from the surgery. Happy Feet was taken to the zoo’s hospital on Friday from Peka Peka beach where it was first seen earlier in the week.

It had become increasingly distressed and lethargic. On Friday vets removed sand from its oesophagus but x-rays revealed more in its stomach. Yesterday’s procedure involved pumping water into its stomach and, although a lot of sand was removed, vets say there is still a lot more to come out. Another procedure is likely to be carried out tomorrow but veterinarians say any further surgery after that would be a serious risk to the penguin’s life. Yesterday’s operation was watched by about 100 people behind a glass partition and a zoo spokesperson said the procedure went well. In addition to the comforts of air-con and shaved ice, Happy Feet is also hooked up to an IV drip to keep up its fluids. Vets, via Twitter, have also remarked that while everyone has been referring to Happy Feet as a “he”, it will take a few more days to determine its sex.  “Happy Feet” weighs about 27kg and is making headlines worldwide because of its 4000km swim to New Zealand.

When he recovers Happy Feet will be making the one way journey home on this Russian icebreaker.

Does Nintendo Have Penguins In Their Future?

April 28, 2010

A recently filed trademark over in Japan for “Penguin Life” suggests Nintendo might be dabbling in a little penguin love.
Your favorite Antarctic birds might be hitting the big, or small, screen near you soon with Nintendo registering Penguin Seikatsu, which according to Siliconera translates to “Penguin Life”.  So, we might be seeing a group of gangster waddling birds brandishing swords, guns and mugging humans in the near future.

Gentoo Penguins In Utah?!

March 20, 2010

A colony of birds just flew to Utah from Texas, but their wings aren’t tired — they came by airline.

The Gentoo penguins arrived a week ago and are adjusting to their new home at The Living Planet Aquarium in Sandy.

“They are fantastic — just swimming around and frolicking all over the place,” said Angie Hyde, public relations director for the aquarium. “They seem really happy.”

“Penguin Encounter,” the newest exhibit at the aquarium, opens March 26.

There are 17 species of penguins in the world, and aquarium officials chose to showcase Gentoo penguins for a reason.

“It completes our ‘Journey to South America’ exhibit,” said Hyde, explaining that Gentoo penguins are native to the Falkland Islands. “The Falkland Islands are just off the southern tip of South America, in between South America and Antarctica, down where it’s cold.”

“The water in the exhibit, and the air, is kept at about 42 degrees, said Hyde.

“They’re one of the species that are most active in the water,” she said of the penguins, which measure about 20 inches tall and typically weigh 10 to 14 pounds. “Most likely, when you come, you’ll see them swimming around quite a bit.”

Gentoo penguins can swim up to 17 miles per hour, making them one of the fastest of the penguin species.

“They don’t fly in the air, but they fly in water,” said Hyde.

Their diving techniques, and their ability to pop up out of the water and onto land make them fun to watch.

“They’re quite noisy, and have kind of a honk,” she said.

The exhibit

“Penguin Encounter” is designed to resemble a Falkland Islands research station, where visitors will be able to observe the penguins underwater and on land.

“The exhibit will teach all about the physiological aspects of the birds, including why they don’t fly in the air, but do fly in water,” said Hyde,

Visitors will also learn how penguins survive in the cold.

“They have more feathers than any other species of bird,” she said. “They have to keep a heavy coat, basically, of blubber and feathers to keep them warm, and their feathers are extremely water-resistant.”

Information about what the penguins eat (herring, smelt and capelin), why they molt, their behavior, their environment and predators will also be part of the display. Information about the resident penguins will be updated regularly on a research board.

Great expectations

The penguins at The Living Planet Aquarium were born and raised in captivity. They come from Moody Gardens in Galveston, Texas.

“We have a total of 11 penguins,” said Hyde. “I believe three of them are chicks, about 6 months old. We have a breeding pair, and the rest are about a year old. We’re hoping, with that breeding pair, to get some new baby ones at some point — that will be exciting.”

Jo Loves Penguin Place

January 25, 2010

Thanks so much Penguin Place–you supply the best products, the fastest responses, and the most outstanding customer service of any site on the web! I’m so glad we found you!

Penguin Pooper Leaves ‘Em In Stitches

January 21, 2010

Dear Penguin Purveyor,

This year I received a pooping penguin for Chanukah. I thought it was cute and put it on a shelf in my 5 yr. olds room. Recently he came down with a cold and we were looking for something to occupy our time other than Spongebob and coloring books. Enter the pooping penguin, 30 minutes later we were exhausted from how much we laughed. The movements and the pooping action was entertaining enough for us to have made a pooping version of table hockey and a sort of basket pooping/gathering game. Now, I know that the pellets are edible cola flavored candy but along with them not being tasty they’re better used when recycled. just the sophomoric humor of stuffing poop back in just to be pooped out, well you get the idea. In summation I would recommend the pooping penguin for relief of boredom due to cabin fever or flu.

Mark Lumpstein (Newton, Mass)

The Penguin Pooper

Paulie’s Penguin Playground Toast of Metro K.C.

December 20, 2009

If driving around and checking out Christmas lights is one of your favorite things to do around the holidays, then there’s a penguin-packed home in suburban Kansas City that you don’t want to miss.
The Penguin Post has learned that over the past 10 years Paulie’s Penguin Playground has grown to become a holiday legend in the metro Kansas City area. Watch this video by a local K.C. TV station and see why.

Happy Penguin Shopper

December 2, 2009

Not all our Penguin Place customers are this pleased (only 98%), but we thought we should share this e-mail from an hour ago.

Received my order in fine condition, they are too freakin cute!!!!
great experience!! fast shipping!

Thanks again!!!