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Penguins Dive Right In

March 30, 2012

The Summer Olympics will be here sooner than you think and the London Zoo’s flock of penguins appear to be gearing up for the festivities by practicing their dives from their new Olympic size diving board. The penguins are used to plopping into the water, but recently the colony of 64 penguins at the Zoo now have a new vantage point from which to take the penguin plunge. Their very own diving board was erected at Penguin Beach to celebrate the zoo being awarded the LOCOG’s Inspired by 2012 mark for its summer Animal Athletes program.  One might think the penguins to be more of a winter sport kind of bird, but it seems that the Summer sports of swimming and diving (sans speedo’s) are what they’re best at.  Now, the sporty birds will now be able to practice their diving skills and entertain crowds who visit the penguin pool – but judging by their technique,  Olympic hopefuls have little to worry about – just yet.

Penguin showing his "Olympic" diving form off the board at Penguin Beach