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World Penguin Day Top 5 Penguin Countdown

April 25, 2014

Enough of real penguin news. For World Penguin Day the Penguin Post has collected together our favorite animated penguins that we grew up with and are undoubtedly the reasons why many of us fell in love with penguins in the first place.  So here’s our top 5 coolest cartoon penguin countdown and Happy World Penguin Day!  Feel free to disagree.

#5 Mumbles from Happy Feet

The Fred Astaire of the penguin world tap-danced onto the silver screen in the BAFTA award-winning Happy Feet in 2006. With his unusual twinkling blue eyes, this tiny Emperor Penguin was the first of his kind to be missing a heartsong – which the species use to attract their mate. But nothing was going to get in the way of Mumble meeting his true love Gloria as he put on those dancing flippers. From the moment he hatched, Mumble was a flipping good dancer and proved that true love knows no boundaries as later he went on to have a son, Erik, with his childhood sweetheart. One of Mumble’s most memorable dancing moments was when he and Gloria brought together the colony of penguins in a slick dance routine to the 1979 Earth, Wind and Fire disco hit Boogie Wonderland.

#4 Wheezy from Toy Story

The most musical of the top five, Wheezy stole the hearts of audiences worldwide in 1999 when he appeared in Disney Pixar’s Toy Story 2.

With a sob-story fit for the best of the nation’s talent shows, Wheezy was found on the shelf by Woody with a broken squeaker after being left there by protagonist Andy’s mum. Left alone and forgotten without a voice to be heard, Wheezy is the penguin that brought hope to the unsung talent around the globe as he took to the stage to sing Randy Newman tune You’ve Got a Friend in Me,following the replacement of his squeaker by Mr Shark. Unfortunately, that was the last time we would see Wheezy and his red dickey bow as he was later sold in a yard sale which Woody mentions in the 2010 threequel.  His squeak however continues to touch the hearts of rubber penguin fans far and wide.

#3 Chilly Willy

Who doesn’t have a soft spot for cartoon veteran Chilly Willy.  This little penguin first appeared alongside Woody the Woodpecker in 1953. Created by animation pioneer Walter Lantz, Chilly Willy lived in Alaska where he spent much of his time trying to keep warm while often coming face-to-face with his rival Smedley the dog. The pair, however, were often known to reconcile at the end of episodes leaving viewers with a feeling to warm even the chilliest of Willy’s cockles. He went on to become the second most popular character at Universal Studios after his rival Woody and his career spanned almost two decades, starring in 50 animations and a series of comics. Willy and his woolly hat remain just as popular today as 61 years ago as fans continue to dedicate websites to the pancake-loving penguin while he rakes in the YouTube views.

#2 Feather’s McGraw (The Wrong Trousers)

The villainous Feathers McGraw appeared in Nick Park’s 1993  groundbreaking claymation The Wrong Trousers which went on to win an Academy award in the animated short film category. The pesky penguin first arrived at 62 West Wallaby Street on Gromit’s birthday and embarked on a quest to separate Wallace and his pet pooch while plotting an ingenious jewel heist at the local museum . Of course, McGraw was never going to be a match for Wallace’s faithful companion Gromit, as his plan to use the eccentric inventor’s robotic trousers in the diamond robbery is eventually foiled. Despite being arrested and sent to ‘prison’ at the local zoo, McGraw will always be remembered for his trademark rubber-glove-on-the-head ensemble “disguise”.

#1 Pingu

Created by German animator Otmar Gutmann, this BAFTA award-winning plasticine penguin was originally made for Swiss TV and first came to British shores in 1986. Almost 30 years later, Pingu and his Antarctic family continue to fill our screens with the dramas of toddler life as well as his adventures with his best pal, Robby the seal. Some of Pingu’s best work came in the episode New Arrival when Pingu welcomed his chick sister Pinga into the world, bringing a tear to eyes across the world. His comic timing was perhaps best showcased in the classic series one episode Little Accidents, which finds Pingu stranded in a bar, desperate for the bathroom before he returns home only to find he can’t reach the toilet. Due to the “toilet humor,” this particular episode was banned everywhere except from in the UK.  Pingu to this day is universally beloved by kids and adults alike who “get him” on very different levels.  Pingu’s monolingual performances in ‘penguinese’ meant that his career continues to thrive around the world as no one really knows what he’s saying, and yet everyone knows what he’s saying all at the same time, if you catch my snow drift. His hilarious universality is why Pingu is our hands down #1/

Honorable mention to Tennesse Tuxedo, the Ink and Paint Club from Who Framed Roger Rabbit, the Penguins Of Madagascar, The Penguin From Batman and the Dancing Penguins with Dick Van Dyke from Mary Poppins.

New King Penguin In Town

April 27, 2012

The Penguin Post has learned that a King penguin that hatched on April 9 was shown off at The Aquarium at Moody Gardens in Galveston, Texas yesterday. The still-unnamed chick is the second to hatch this season. A blood test will be done to determine the sex of the penguin chick and then it will be named. The chick weighed 20 ounces at birth and will grow to about 35 pounds and 36 inches tall. It will join its parents named Petty and Chilly Willy and 31 other King penguins in the exhibit. It is the 14th King penguin to have been successfully bred at the aquarium. The public can also see the penguins on the Penguin Cam .

The Latest Lone Star King.

Knit Penguin Hats and Mittens

December 1, 2011

Sometimes you can’t get enough of a good thing, and what can be better than lots of different knit Penguin Hats and Mittens to choose from?  Right now we should be able to say that Penguin Place is the official knit penguin hat and mitten capital of the world, with 5 different adult sized knit penguin pilot hat styles, 4 kids styles, two different pairs of knit mittens (although one is presently sold out) as well as one kids sized knit penguin mittens. They include everything from your basic penguin, to penguins wearing bow ties, to Chilly Willy.


Chilly Willy Kids Hat

September 30, 2011

A funny thing happened when Penguin Place tried to order more Chilly Willy knit pilot hats today.  We found out that ZooZats™ is now offering kids Chilly Willy hats available for kids age 1-4.  Personally I can’t wait to get my 4 year old Rose in one of these.  Because of their construction and materials the adult Chilly Willy hats are said to fit kids as young as 5 all the way up to adults, and I can attest that they fit my 7 year old last winter as well as myself.

Adult and Kids Chilly Hat use the same cute design.

Chilly Willy Makes A Return

June 23, 2011

After a long hiatus our Classic Chilly Willy ringer t-shirt is finally back in stock in all sizes.  The shirt is a 90% pre-shrunk cotton (10% polyester) heather grey, heavy duty tee.  Printed using an environmentally friendly, oil based silk screen that will keep Chilly happy and smiling for many a molting season. Also, back in stock in all sizes (and just in time for graduation season is our University of Antarctica t-shirt.

Chilly Willy Birthday Cake

May 14, 2011

This in to the Penguin Post from Debbie in Austin, Texas. My little girl loves to watch penguins whenever we go to the zoo, so I thought a penguin-shaped cake would be good for her 4th birthday. To make this cake I simply baked 2 13″ x 9″ pans with chocolate cake mix. Once cooled I laid the two cake next to one another and cut out the design as best as possible. After I was done cutting, I frosted the entire cake with white icing. The rest of the cake was decorated with colored frosting and edible dye.

Might be too cute to eat!

Did Someone Say Chilly Willy Knit Hat?!

December 11, 2010

It may be the middle of December, and we’re all waddling around in fast motion trying to get our orders out our Penguin Place Igloo door, but that doesn’t seem to deter us from continuing to bring in a steady stream of new penguin goodies.  Perhaps we should be sent on a boat to an Antarctic asylum for insane penguin lovers, as this week alone we’ve brought in Penguin Nesting Dolls, Christmas Stockings, Ornaments,  Penguin Umbrella, Knit Penguin Pilot Hats in adults and kids sizes, Boxed Cards,  Pill Boxes, a Penguin Clarinet Player, an Eye Glass Holder, a new Penguin Zibby Plush, a Birthday Penguin Figurine, and even a Penguin Plush Floggle (don’t ask).  That’s 13 new penguin items!  But of course we’ve saved the best for last, as today marked the arrival of my personal favorite item on 2010!   Something I’ve been waiting for since I was a kid.  Something I only dreamed about, but never thought I’d live to see it.  A super cool, knit Chilly Willy Winter Hat, and if you ask my humble opinion, they couldn’t have done a better job as it’s  one of the cutest pieces of penguin apparel ever to be stuck in the gravitational pull of our planet.  Obviously, I’m partial to Chilly Willy.  But, I pity the fool who isn’t.  What’s also very cool about this hat is it’s not wool, but acrylic, and this being 2010, this is not your mom’s acrylic.  Plain and simple, this looks and feels like a knit hat, but it gently stretches and will fit just about anyone just fine.  From my 7 year old daughter to my big headed 75 year old dad (now if I can get a picture with him wearing it that would be something).  Take my word for it.  It’ll fit just about anyone and raise the cute factor on anyone wearing by 75%.

This Moment In Penguin History

January 16, 2010

With this March 15th marking our 25th anniversary we at Penguin Place will from time to time bring you another moment in Penguin Place (Next Stop South Pole) history. In this installment we’ve come across a design sketch that we used to put together our first “real” store in 1989. Between 1985 and 1988 we went from a pushcart at South St. Seaport’s Fulton Market Building to a couple of kiosks, the later being bigger than the first. But, with the opening of the Pier 17 building Next Stop South Pole was offered a 600 square foot store on the 3rd floor of new building and our vision for an all-penguin store would finally be realized. At least as much of a vision as we could fill in 600 square feet. Our vision ( mine and my store manager and designer Robin ) was to have the shop look like the ultimate penguin collectors home. All our penguin bathroom stuff would be in a bathroom (less tub and toilet), our kitchen would feature a table with large penguins ( that we nicknamed Elvis) sitting on chairs at the table and an old 1950’s fridge with the shelves filled with penguin kitchen items as well as some plastic and rubber fish we found at a bait and tackle shop. We also stocked the shelves in the fridge door with cans of Penguin Soda which was the house brand soda of the old Grand Union supermarket. It’s only took a few hours before someone wanted to buy a can of Penguin Cola, so weekly trips to Grand Union became the norm for a few years until Grand Union sadly changed their soda branding to something more generic. The fridge stayed with Penguin Place until this past June when we decided not to schlep it up to Northampton. The store living room featured a 1950’s TV that we gutted the inside, put a new monitor and a VCR inside and played loop tapes of whatever penguin nature videos we were offering. This TV is now in my home and it always amazes people that not only does this 50 + year old TV work, but it incredibly plays in color. Sometimes I tell ’em there’s a new monitor in the old shell and sometimes I don’t. This sketch that I have is of the penguin bathroom, and notice it features (on the right) Opus in a shower cap and towel, and a Chilly Willy mirror. There’s also a penguin toilet brush and plunger, as well as a street sign that reads Penguin Ave. The shower curtain of penguins wind surfing was never one of my favorites, but that was the only style available at the time. Sadly, although the 3rd floor Pier 17 NSSP Penguin Store was a success, three years later in 1992, the Seaport in their infinite wisdom decided not to renew my lease and replace us with a Nintendo store.  When I pointed out to Seaport management that people didn’t come to South St. for Nintendo (one could find that stuff in any mall), but for unique stores like Next Stop South Pole, and that booting us for Nintendo violates the principles that the “festive marketplace concept” was all about. They told me that Nintendo would pay them almost double what I was paying.  This short sightedness was typical of Seaport management back then and what led to the inevitable decline in popularity of South St. Seaport.  I secured another shop and moved downstairs to a tiny 240 square foot mini igloo where NSSP stayed until 1998 when I finally ended my relationship with the Seaport and moved to Brooklyn where was born. The Nintendo shop was out of business in about a year and that space was followed by one failed business and temporary store after another. To this day I still won’t play Nintendo.

1989 sketch for the "penguin bathroom" of the Pier 17 Next Stop South Pole shop.

Penguin Place Shopping Update

December 3, 2009

The back of our new Penguin Gummies box has this great Penguin Gummies of the World map.

As we waddle into the month of December the daily penguin inventory comings and goings are hard to keep up with, but we’re trying. Here’s some of the real cool stuff that arrived just today. Match Of The Penguin Card Game, Let It Slide Shirts in tank and t-shirt styles, E-Frutti Penguins Of The World Boxed Gummies, Knitwits Little Kids Cotton Knit Hats, Quilted Penguin Tree Skirt, Boys Penguin Silk Tie, Personalized Penguin Ornaments and Elegant Mom & Chick Lamps. Here’s what we sold out of : Spanky Plush, Diving Snowglobe, Chilly Snowglobe, Chilly Willy Patch and Baseball Hat, Penguin Jack in the Box, Waddling Big Head Magnet, Chilly Plumpkin, Pip the Nutcracker Plush and we’re sad to say the Retro Penguin Bathrobe is sold out in small/medium. Also, we thought we had sold out of the Santa Penguin Riding a Motorcycle Ornament and took it off the site, then we found a case and back up it went. So, it goes at Penguin Place in December.

Our latest cute Kids Cotton Knit Penguin Hat for ages 3-8