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Deluxe Penguin Costume

October 27, 2009

Looks like given the state of the economy our penguin costume distributer is playing it a bit conservative this year as they ran out of the womens / teen costume a couple of weeks ago and sold out of the light weight adult costume last week. So, I’ve decided to carry the original deluxe penguin costume for the rest of 2009 (as it’s the only adult penguin costume available). What’s the difference between the light weight and deluxe costume? The deluxe has much more penguin foam bulk to it throughout, giving it more of a roly poly penguin look, and will make it a longer lasting penguin keeper for years to come, and the penguin feet are sturdier. In any case, it’s all we have until sometime mid 2010.¬† BTW, as of noon today we still have a half dozen¬† light weight penguin costumes available.The Cadillac of Waddling Costumes the Deluxe Adult Penguin