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Penguin Costumes

September 14, 2011

It’s hard to believe that my kids have been in school for two weeks and it’s now the middle of September which means that it just a little more than a month until Halloween.  So, of course wouldn’t ya know it or first major shipment of Penguin Halloween costumes in adult, teens and kids arrived last Friday and we just got through putting them on the shelves last night.  So, don’t get shut out as they waddle off the shelves quickly.  Our penguin costumes by Rasta Imposta are lightweight, sturdy, safe and priced to go.

Penguin Costumes

August 4, 2011

It may be the beginning of August, but believe it or not the Penguin Halloween costume shopping season is only about a month away, and Penguin Place is gearing up for what promises to be a fun waddling season.  Just in this past week is our lightweight kids costumes in sizes 4-6 and 7 -10, as well as our adult and women’s / teen penguin costumes.

Lightweight Adult Penguin Costume

Kids Costumes are available in four convenient sizes.

Very Proud Papa Penguin

October 30, 2009

Rose On The Way To Daycare (I Mean Camp)

I know it’s the day before Halloween, but who cares. The most important day for the toddling parents of Northampton is the annual Halloween P.I. Daycare (we like to call it camp) Parade down Main Street at 10:30 a.m. when the whole town comes out to look at about 75 pre-schoolers in various states of adorableness and sigh a collective awe sooooo cute. As you may have read my two year old Rose has been insisting on being a cow (we somehow inherited a cow costume last year), and although I was not totally convinced she has kept up this bovine fixation through most of October. That is until last night when she agreed that penguin costume would be cooler than a cow. Duh!?  But, as two year old’s are how you might say, fickle.  I was not convinced that she’d follow through and waddle out the door this morning in all her black and white polyester splendor.  But, to my very pleasant surprise and absolute glee, not only did she wear it and waddle proudly in the parade, but she insisted on wearing it out the door this morning and waddled all the way to daycare, I mean camp in her costume, webbed feet and all. Yup, that’s my girl.

Look’s Like the Kids Will Be Waddling

October 30, 2009

Sophie Ponders If A Penguin Costume Is Cool Enough

In an act of desperation, luck and good timing I asked my two year daughter Rose if she wanted to be a penguin for tomorrows Toddler Halloween Parade down Main Street. She had been steadfast in saying for more than a week that she only wanted to be a cow, and Sophie my oldest has been a cat for 3 years in a row. So when I posed the penguin question just before bedtime Rose who will do anything to put off going to bed said yes and that she wanted to try the costume on. O.K. I thought, this bedtime stalling may work out for both of us as I promptly bolted into the penguin place “costume vault” and in a flash had one deluxe, size 2-4 penguin costume in hand. After a quick out of the plastic, over the head, arms in the flippers, hood up and over head and kids feet in the webbed costume feet she was parading and waddling in front of the full length mirror like she was auditioning for the road company of Happy Feet The Musical. With a big grin she declared “O.K. daddy, I’ll be a penguin.” With that said, my 6 year old instantly blurted out, “Daddy, I want to be a penguin too.” Back to the penguin costume vault and return with a 7-10 costume in hand. Same thing, out of plastic, over head, arms in flippers, hood up on head, feet on. Everyone is cute and happy. Now I’ve gone from no penguins in the house to all the kids are penguins. The only caveat is that Sophie wants to remove her big red bow tie. Done. Now, let’s see if they change their minds in the morning and I end up with a cow and a cat instead of a pair of penguins. Kids.


Rose Cheerfully Waddles At Home