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It’s Penguin (Groundhog) Day!

February 2, 2016

Who you gonna believe a groundhog or the winter weather expert Penguin?  So welcome to Penguin (Groundhog) Day!  Since we all know that pretty much every day is Penguin Day, it just couldn’t be called “Penguin Day”, so as a reference to this new twist (waddle) to this annual prediction of early or late spring, Penguin (Groundhog) Day it is.   So if you really want to know when this Winter will be over, this morning a real penguin waddled out of his enclosure to forecast more winter or early spring on Galveston Island at Moody Gardens.  In groundhog fashion, this Aquarium Pyramid penguin saw his shadow this morning and made his prediction. The penguin then communicated with Greg Whittaker, Moody Gardens animal husbandry manager, who  translated the “Penguish” declaration into the human language.  To the delight of penguins everywhere. More Winter it is!


Yes, he saw his shadow!

New Penguins On Display In Texas

December 1, 2011

The Penguin Post has learned that the first new penguins of the season occurred in of all places Texas , as a pair of Gentoo penguins were hatched by parents Casper and Champ right before Thanksgiving on Nov. 21 and 23 inside the South Atlantic exhibit at the Moody Gardens Aquarium Pyramid in Galveston. In about 10 days they’ve already have tripled in weight. Known simply as chicks A and B, they will not be named until their sex is determined once they are older. They are on display in the exhibit with more than 100 other penguins and spend their time sheltered by their parents in a rocky nest at the rear of the habitat.  “We currently have eight penguin eggs, so it seems that our birds are off to a good start,” said assistant curator Diane Olsen. “Both chicks are healthy and adorable, of course. We look forward to seeing what the rest of the season will bring.”The Baby Penguins of Texas

Another Baby Penguin Hatches in Texas

December 20, 2009

The Penguin Post has learned that Moody Gardens of Galveston, Texas has welcomed another baby penguin on Sunday, the third this month.

The new babies are among 24 eggs expected to hatch this season, which would be a record. They include gentoo, chinstrap and king penguins.

Since the penguins are originally from the Southern Hemisphere of the world, they observe opposite seasons from Texas. This is their springtime and breeding season.

Chinstrap and gentoo penguins build rock nests that can reach up to three feet across to protect the eggs from sudden floods and the cold ground.

King penguins, on the other hand, hold their eggs on their feet, switching off between the parents every day or so. This ritual goes on for months.

The fuzzy little baby penguins can be seen on exhibit at Moody Gardens with the rest of the over 100 penguins at their facility.

Another Baby Penguin In Texas