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A Penguin Goes To School

March 27, 2015

Oh joy! That was the look on the faces of Loveland Primary School second-grade students in Paula Hickey’s class Friday, March 13, when the Newport Aquarium’s Jolene Hanna brought in a special visitor to school in Loveland, Ohio. “The reaction was pure awe!” said Hickey. “As soon as the penguin was presented there was hush in the room and a look of amazement on all their faces!”


What followed was a lesson on black-footed penguins the students are sure to remember. Mrs. Hanna – who happens to have a child in the class, shared facts about the penguin including what she does to take care of the penguins as well as other animals at the aquarium. She gave the class plenty of time to ask questions and observe the penguin walking around the room, and even allowed students to pet the new friend.

“It is important to incorporate events like this because it brings real-world experiences into the classroom,” said Hickey. “We were able to talk to an expert about penguins, and learn about them first-hand. It also allows students to hear about career opportunities, and half of them said they wanted to work with animals after the presentation. This was a true classroom – community connection.”

Kevin Bacon is a Cute Baby Penguin

March 5, 2015

Yes, Kevin Bacon is indeed the name of an adorable new born King Penguin chick from Kentucky. The Penguin Post has learned that the Newport Aquarium in Kentucky, has a new baby king penguin that made his debut appearance Tuesday, and his name is Kevin Bacon (yes, he is named after the actor).  The name of the penguin was revealed to a group of third-graders from St. Francis de Sales School, Lebanon, during their visit to the aquarium.

Newport Aquarium senior biologist Jen Hazeres holds Kevin Bacon, a king penguin chick born Feb. 7 and unveiled at the aquarium Tuesday. He was due to hatch on Friday the 13th, so he was named for the actor who starred in the movie.

Newport Aquarium senior biologist Jen Hazeres holds Kevin Bacon, a king penguin chick born Feb. 7 and unveiled at the aquarium Tuesday. He was due to hatch on Friday the 13th, so he was named for the actor who starred in the movie.

The aquarium’s penguin population has now produced three chicks in a nine-month span. Kevin Bacon, who weighed 7.93 ounces when he was hatched Feb. 7, now weighs a whopping 2.5 pounds.  The chick’s expected hatching date was Friday the 13th, so he was named for the actor who starred in the movie. The chick’s parents are Bebe (father) and Wednesday (mother). He is the second chick the pair has reproduced. The aquarium’s king penguin population has produced three chicks in a nine-month span. There has been an average of only 14 king penguin hatchlings annually over the last 10 years at zoos and aquariums in the United States, said senior biologist Dan Clady.


Penguin Petting Therapy

October 7, 2014

As if you needed another reason to pet a penguin the Penguin Post has learned that the Newport Aquarium near Cincinnati has a new personal penguin petting encounter may have serious health benefits. Alle Barber and Ric Urban have pretty cool jobs; they get to play with penguins. Both of them perform education and outreach for the Wave Foundation, so they get to spend a lot of time with penguins. So who better to talk to about how penguins help us heal? Ric admits that he can be having a rough day until he himself has a personal encounter with a penguin. “After thirty minutes, I feel great,” Ric said. “I am ready to go off and tackle the world again.” Alle said that a few minutes with an alligator will do the same thing. “It really does make you feel calm, and just peaceful,” she said, “It’s just this feeling that nothing else matters in the world.” In addition to that, there may some power to actually petting the animals. A recent report from the Mayo Clinic found that when scientists looked at those who were petting animals, they had surge in healing hormones that led to a feeling of peace and serenity While the effects are tough to quantify, just take a look at the penguins. Notice how you can’t help but smile?

Gentoo Penguin

Gentoo Penguin

Fuzzy King Penguin Hatchlings = Cute!

May 29, 2014

The Penguin Post has learned that a pair of fuzzy, baseball-sized king penguins have hatched at the Newport Aquarium near Cincinnati, and parents and chicks are healthy and happy, biologists report.  The aquarium announced the news Thursday morning after observing the chicks and their interaction with their parents since Saturday morning. The two are the fifth and sixth penguins born at the aquarium since it opened 15 years ago.  The chicks, which aren’t siblings, started to pip – or chip away –at their eggs Friday evening and poked out and fully hatched Saturday morning. “These were some of the biggest king penguin chicks I’ve ever seen,” said Dan Clady, Newport Aquarium biologist, in a statement. Clady manages the animal care at the cold penguin exhibit.

Baby King Chick gets a once over

Baby King Chick gets a cleaning

Foster parents are taking care of one of the chicks, because its parents weren’t particularly good at caring for their egg after it was laid. The parents’ main job is to keep their egg – and then, their chick – warm and safe by keeping it on their feet and tucked under their bellies. “We prefer the parents to raise the chicks on their own and they’ve taken those responsibilities seriously,” Clady said. The chicks share an April 4 egg-laying date, said Jeff Geiser, spokesman for the aquarium.

One of the fuzzy King babies

One of the fuzzy King baby penguins

King penguins Valentine (the foster mom) and Bubba (foster dad), cared for the egg and are taking good care of the chick, Geiser said. The biological parents of this chick are Dumas (mom) and Kroger (dad). The other chick is a third-generation king penguin hatched at the Newport Aquarium. Its parents are Wednesday (mom) and Bebe (dad). Wednesday is the last chick that hatched at the Newport Aquarium, in 2010, Geiser said. The simultaneous hatching of two unrelated king penguins is a rarity, Geiser said. Over the last 10 years at Association of Zoos and Aquariums institutions in the United States, there have been an average of only 14 king penguin simultaneous hatchings annually.

Interesting way for a baby King penguin to get weighed

Interesting way for a baby King penguin to get weighed

The Newport chicks were in the Kroger Penguin Palooza exhibit when they hatched. Newport Aquarium is one of 16 institutions in the United States to exhibit king penguins. Kroger Penguin Palooza has nine adult king penguins, as well as chinstrap, gentoo, macaroni and rockhopper penguins. A sixth penguin species, the African black-footed penguin, is also on exhibit at Newport Aquarium in the Penguin House.

Penguin Poops On Kentucky Senate Floor

January 26, 2012

Even on vacation in Florida penguin news reaches us as the Penguin Post has learned that a penguin named Paula from the Newport Aquarium pooped on the Kentucky state Senate floor in Frankfort on Tuesday. The African blackfooted penguin had been brought to the chamber Tuesday by Senate President Pro Tem Katie Stine, according to the Lexington Herald-Leader. The Southgate Republican was presenting her resolution to honor the Newport Aquarium for its stewardship of sea life and penguins when Senate President David Williams told her the bird had “just defecated on the floor.” With that business accomplished, Ric Urban curator of birds and mammals at the aquarium, placed Paula on the upper part of Williams’ desk while Stine finished presenting her resolution. Urban also took Paula to meet Gov. Steve Beshear, who tweeted the photo here with this caption: “Perhaps 1st time a penguin has been to KY Capitol? Today got a visit from Paula, penguin from the Newport Aquarium”  Fortunately, Paula controlled herself during her meeting with the Governor.

Gov. Steve Beshear greets Paula the Penguin from the Newport Aquarium, and Ric Urban, curator of birds and mammals, at the capitol in Frankfort Tuesday . Paula created a stir when she pooped on the Senate floor during an appearance before state legislators. / Provided

Penguin Picture Of The Day

December 1, 2011

Penguin Picture of the day comes to us from the Newport Aquarium’s Penguin Encounter.


True Story Of A Juvenile Penguin Heist.

October 20, 2011

The following is a hilarious e-mail I received from a customer this morning by the Penguin Post.

This is a true story – it happened to a friend of a friend!  A first grade class here locally (we are directly across the river from Louisville, KY) went to the Newport Aquarium.  One Mom signed up too late to reserve a spot on the bus, so she drove behind the bus carrying the children.  On the trip home (about a 2 hour drive) she got a call from one of the teachers on the bus asking if she had her son with her?  The mother did not – she was in a panic!  She calls the aquarium from her cell, sure enough, her little boy is in the office.  She turns around to go get him.  When she gets there, the child is wet.  The mother realizes that obviously it scared him so badly to realize he was left behind and lost that he wet his pants – he’s only six.  She gets him in the car, and he is so embarrassed that he clutches his backpack in his lap and doesn’t say a word on the ride home.  This kid is obviously traumatized!  They get home, and he just want to go to his room.  She tells him to go ahead upstairs, take off his wet clothes and get a bath.  She goes up a few minutes later to check on him, he is sitting on his bed in his wet clothes.  She is starting to really worry and fear that something traumatic happened to this kid.  She tells him he needs a bath and he refuses.  Again, her worry mounts.  She finally tells him that he needs to get in there and get a bath!  He refuses – so she goes in to start the water.  Much to her surprise, what does she find in the bathtub???  A baby penguin!!!!  This kid slipped behind the glass at the aquarium and stole a baby penguin!  It was in his backpack – that is why he was wet and why he held on to the backpack for dear life on the way home!!!!  She calls the aquarium and tells them.  They THREATEN to sue her for stealing a penguin!!!  She tells them that she is calling so that they can have an employee wait for her because she is bringing this thing right  back!

Long story short, she gets it back and does not get sued, but I just found that hilarious!  A friend of mine is a first grade teacher and this happened to a kid in her friend’s first grade class!  How is THAT for a penguin story!!  AND it’s true!

Eric, you are aces – thanks for making me laugh so hard this morning!!!!

Kentucky Penguin Chicks Hatch!

January 13, 2010

The Penguin Place Post has learned that more penguins will soon be visible at the Newport Aquarium’s Kroger Kingdom of Penguins in Newport, Kentucky.  The aquarium announced Monday the recent hatching of three Gentoo penguin chicks. Hatched between Dec. 31 and Jan. 5, the chicks weighed between 80-100 grams at birth. Two of the chicks were hatched from the same parents, a first for the aquarium. As days pass, the chicks will begin to slowly venture away from their nests and be visible in the Kroger Kingdom of Penguins exhibit, though not far from their parents. For now, the young chicks mostly stay nestled under their penguin parents. The new additions will bring the number of Gentoo, King and Chinstrap penguins at the exhibit to 31.

Aquarium Penguins Welcome Milestone Visitor

November 9, 2009

NEWPORT, Ky. — The Newport Aquarium is ready to welcome its 20,000th guest to the behind-the-scenes Penguin Encounter program.

Penguin Encounters is a 20-minute “all access” pass into the African penguin habitat at the aquarium. Guests are allowed to touch the penguins and see them up-close and personal. Each encounter is hosted by an aquarium biologist who leads the experience, educates the visitors, and provides insight into the unique world of penguins.

“When you enter the penguins’ habitat, you are a guest in their world,” said Ric Urban, curator of birds and mammals for Newport Aquarium. “It makes for a perfect educational opportunity to highlight this amazing animal and explain why their conservation is so important.”

Penguin Encounters have been offered at Newport Aquarium since April 2007.

Newport Aquarium donates 15 percent of each Penguin Encounter ticket sale to penguin conservation. Much of the support goes to the Southern African Foundation for the Conservation of Coastal Birds (SANCCOB), an internationally recognized organization for the rehabilitation of coastal birds exposed to pollution and natural disasters.


King Penguins at the Newport Aquarium