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Penguin Socks Saved Thanks To Rose

December 12, 2010

There are lots of great things about our relocation to Northampton a year and a half ago, and one of the multitude of positive changes is finally having a working buzzer after 10 years of being buzzerless in Brooklyn.   But, sadly it’s only half a buzzer as it can only be heard on the first floor of our two floor walk up, and wouldn’t ya know it, Penguin Place is on the 2nd floor.  Combine that with the fact that I have a new Fed Ex man who doesn’t have my phone number (yet), and I’m spending lots of time working on the 2nd floor these days.  So, taking all this into consideration  the odds are pretty great that this third and final attempt by Fed Ex to deliver my much needed re-supply of penguin socks will probably end up returned to sender.   So, of course it goes without saying that when the buzzer rang at 1 p.m. I didn’t hear it, and if not for the “heroics” my 3 year old daughter Rose the penguin socks would be on their back to the mid-west as I write this.  But for Rose.  Yes, cute little Rose who took time from watching cartoons downstairs to not only acknowledge that the door buzzer was ringing (not an easy thing for a 3 year old watching Looney Tunes), but upon hearing it she paused her video and began shouting., “Daddy, daddy, there’s a man downstairs!”  When I heard her yell, “Daddy there’s a man downstairs,”  My mind raced and I panicked, immediately grabbing a baseball bat and flew down two flights of steps to save Rose and confront “the man downstairs”.   When I found there was no one there but Rose (and Tweety Bird), she immediately told me “Daddy, there’s a man ringing the bell.”  So thinking this must be the Fed Ex guy trying to make the final socks delivery (who else would be ringing my bell), I once again flew downstairs, this time to the street level, where I found the Fed Ex man about to re-board his truck with my box in his arms. Fortunately, I was able to corral him just in time, and thanks to Rose the box is now upstairs in Penguin Place and our penguin sock inventory has been replenished for the final Christmas rush.  There’s even a new Emperor Ankle Sock to show off.  Rose was promptly rewarded with a vanilla ice cream cone with rainbow sprinkles, Bill the new Fed Ex man now has my phone number, and everyone lived happily ever after.