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Free Penguin Calendar

February 27, 2012

As we waddle into March it seems that Penguin Place still has a few dozen of each style of 2012 Penguin Nature Calendars left in stock.  But, as we’re more than a couple of months into the new year our calendar sales (even at 75% off) have dwindled down to a trickle.  As it seems like a waste to allow all these calendars to go to waste, we’ve come up with a novel give-away idea to help find these penguin calendars a good home, so from now until we run out we’re giving away a free mini penguin calendar with all orders over $30. 

2012 Penguin Calendars

August 2, 2011

It may be the beginning of August of 2011, but it seems like a new 2012 penguin calendar has been arriving here at Penguin Place every other day.  The cool thing is that most of these calendars begin next month in September 2011, so it’s definitely not to early to scoop one of these beauties up.  Available now is the Willow Creek Penguins, the very fancy Graphique De France Penguins, the fun and cartoonish Happy Feet 2 Calendar and the always popular Penguins At Play Calendar.

Graphique De France Calendar

Penguin Paper Products

May 16, 2011

Had a great time in NY this weekend.  Visited the penguins in Coney Island on Saturday and then waddled over the N.Y. Stationary Show on Sunday. The weather was polite enough to not rain until I got indoors at the Javits Center around noon on Sunday.  This was my first time at the Stationary Show, and it was fun and fast (just the way I like ’em), compared to the ginormous two day walk-a-thon Gift and Toy Shows.  As one would think the Stationary Show was filled with cards, paper products, calendars and books, and I found a fair share of penguin related paper products for Penguin Place, some of which I even ordered. Also found out that Z-Wind-Ups is discontinuing their penguin pocket critters and are putting them on sale at 50% off.  I put in a big order and then put the pocket critters (which I love) on sale at, you guessed it, 50% off.

Penguin Pocket Critter