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World’s Largest Penguin Collection

October 12, 2015

In other Guinness Book Of World Record news.  The Penguin Post has learned that Birgit Berends had amassed a collection of 11,062 different penguin-related items as of March 14, 2011. From Germany, she started her collection at the age of 18 when she was inspired by the animated series Pingu. Her very first penguin dates back to her days in elementary school, and a few of the penguins in her collection comes from us at the Penguin Gift Shop. 2012-Guinness-World-Record-Holders-Named-005

Utah Mom Shows Off Penguin Collection

January 12, 2010

While most of us just got around to packing away our holiday decorations, an Orem, Utah mom says she won’t be putting her collectibles away.  She has hundreds and hundreds of decorations that stay up year round.
It’s not hard to find Lauralyne Chord’s house.  An inflatable penguin and it’s baby are waiting to greet you on the front lawn.  But it’s inside that you truly see the extent of her penguin passion.  “I have clothes, I have robes, I have slippers, I have jewelry and hats.”   At last count Lauralyne had one thousand penguin collectable pieces.  What started with a penguin slide twenty six years ago , which incidently  is when Penguin Place started, and has since snowballed into a collection that has even her husband wondering how it all got here.  “Who would think it would turn into something like this?  And everyone gets them for her.  I just had no idea this would happen,” Chris Chord says.
“It’s just a fun thing to do and I love them.  As far as a wonderful creation that God made they are unique beautiful and they have attributes that we as humans like to take on.  They are family oriented, playful, funny.  I just love penguins,”  Lauralyne says.
From toothpick grabbers, to a Pepsi can, to homemade cookies the tuxedo wearing creatures are everywhere you turn.  And believe it or not, this is just the tip of the iceberg.
“Another fun thing I love is people coming up to me and saying, Lauralyne, every time I see a penguin I think of you.  That is a good feeling.”
For someone who didn’t plan on having all this penguin pandemonium, Lauralyne says she doesn’t mind being the penguin lady – she hopes to educate others about the birds.  Her husband says that’s great, as long as they stay out of his garage.
“The penguin lady, she’s fantastic.  Almost thirty one years of marriage in another month and I’ve loved it all.  Penguins and all,” he says.