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Penguin Cam Live 24 / 7

March 15, 2012

The Discovery Channel has Penguin fever and the Penguin Post has learned that with its new series Frozen Planet, Discovery has unleashed to millions the waddling little stars whose daily antics have become video sensations. Launching less than two weeks ago, Discovery Channel’s Penguin Cam has become an online addiction for us and over 30 million fans, and many have made it their second screen at work (guilty) and home.  Today the Discovery Channel will be further feeding the addiction with the addition of a Second Penguin Cam: People have come eye to eye with SeaWorld’s king, emperor, Adélie, gentoo and macaroni penguins, and now they can dive into the chilly water with our all-new underwater camera placed at the bottom of their penguin pool. Visitors to will be able to easily switch between the land and water views online beginning tomorrow at 9am EST and, of course, continue to chat with fellow addicts online.The holiday yule log has nothing on the 300+ penguins at SeaWorld’s Penguin Encounter in San Diego. In response to unprecedented fan reaction, Discovery Channel will air the live Penguin Cam feed on Discovery Channel from 9-10am ET/PT this Thursday, Friday and Saturday, wrapped with Tweets from Cam fans.

Penguin Cam catches penguin in the act.

Penguin Picture Of The Day

December 1, 2011

Penguin Picture of the day comes to us from the Newport Aquarium’s Penguin Encounter.


Penguin Population At Seaworld Expanding

December 31, 2009

The penguin population is growing at SeaWorld in San Diego.
The Penguin Post has learned that nearly two dozen penguin chicks, representing three different species, have been born at the park since the middle of November.
SeaWorld says some of the baby penguins are being raised by their parents in the Penguin Encounter Exhibit, while others are being hand-raised in a nursery. The chicks will be ready to swim and join the adult penguins in the water when they are three months old.
More than 500 penguin chicks have been hatched at SeaWorld since 1980.