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Air Mail Penguins

November 7, 2014

We love all our international customers, and the fact that there are so many devoted penguin lovers all over the world.  Most of the time our international orders ship within 24 hours and take between a week (Canada) to 10 days (Europe) to a couple of weeks (Australia & Asia).  In reality the length of time it takes to arrive at the various destinations depends more on the respective customs and local post offices as much as distance.  But, with the holidays coming up it’s all about volume and many packages get stuck and backed up waiting to clear customs.  So, that said, when it comes to international air mail penguin orders, and given our experience in all matters of mail order penguins, our advice to our penguin loving international customers is that you should place your orders at least 4 – 6 weeks in advance to guarantee your penguins arrive in time for the holidays this season.


International Penguin Lovers FYI

October 30, 2014

Word to the penguin wise.  if you are an international penguin lover or know one, and you’re thinking about placing a holiday order with Penguin Gift Shop, please order early.  As it usually takes a week or two for international order to arrive once we ship it, as we get further into the season not only does the volume slow down packages, but they get slowed down at customs as well.  So, what may be a week or two in the off season can be two to four weeks during the holidays.  So, order early and get some penguin piece of mind.


Penguin Pajamas with Eye Mask

September 15, 2013

With the weather getting cooler and the nights longer it’s time once again to start thinking about a pair of comfy and cool flannel pajamas, and do we have a great looking two piece set for you. Our classic 100% cotton,  penguin pajama set features dozen of different penguin species in all their glory and cuteness throughout.  This long sleeve women’s penguin pajama set (although there is no rule that says penguin loving men can’t have a pair) is a true classic.  So perfect is the marriage of coolness, style and comfort, you’ll never want to take these PJ’s  off. They’re made in the U.S.A. 100% cotton / flannel and come with a matching penguin eye mask, full length P.J. pants with 3/4″ elastic waist and drawstring for the perfect comfy fit.   Available in sizes XS, S, M, L, and XL.  Plus, Free Domestic Shipping!

Penguin Pajamas!

Penguin Pajamas!

Penguin Youtube Page

September 15, 2013

In trying to show the folks at home what some of our moving, singing, dancing and waddling penguins are like in action we’ve decided to make our own Penguin Gift Shop Youtube page and include links to these video’s embedded in the specific penguin items description.  All of which makes answering the questions as far as what our new Singing / Dancing Happy Birthday does (featuring Rose and Greta) and what our incredible dancing Penguin CineSpinner does (courtesy of the Buzzcocks).  All check out our very fun video Rose Makes The Penguin Race Go Wee!

New Old Penguins

September 15, 2013

It’s been a while, but we’ve finally found some time to put up on our P-Bay Page about three dozen very interesting vintage penguins.  Most of these one of a kind classic waddlers are from a collection that dates back to the 1970’s and 80’s.  They are ceramic figurines, music boxes, retro creamers, beach towels, pillows, wind chimes and probably the most unique is a strange mythical looking flying penguin with giant red wings and a wolf’s head tied around it neck. Fun stuff.

Flying Penguin

Flying Penguin

Penguins Sellout

April 3, 2012

We love our new Penguin Place website!  It’s one year old today and since we launched we’ve been constantly fine tuning and upgrading.  It’s been a labor of love and penguin passion and has everything we wanted in a website and more.  But, one thing that was missing was a “item sold out” feature for penguin items that were…sold out.  Since the launch if I had an item that was sold out, even for a few days I had to take it completely off the website by unpublishing the item, then add a url redirect to it so if someone doing a Google search clicked on the link it would take you to a published section of the website.   Then to put the penguin back up when it came back in stock I’d simply reverse the process.  This was an inconvenience to everyone involved.  Me, search engines who were indexing and ranking the item, and customers who might see a particular penguin goodie, bookmark it, and a few days later go back to purchase the penguin but now the item would be gone, with no hint as to what happened to it, when it might be back, etc.  Now, through the magic of our penguin sold out feature the penguin item stays right where it is with a “item temporarily sold out”in red written over where the order / quantity box was.  This way our customers will know that this item will eventually be back in.  Sounds like a simple feature, but we had a long list of to do’s and at long last this one is done.

Our Penguin Window Curtain Is Sold Out

New Penguins Waddling In

February 28, 2012

It’s been a couple of weeks since the brass at Penguin Place returned from the N.Y. Toy and Gift Show triumphant with lots of new penguin products ordered, and this past week we’ve had a mini avalanche of new penguins waddling in.  From plush, to toys, nightlights, bath gels, wrapping paper, greeting cards, earrings, key chains, bottle stoppers,  i-phone skins, purses, mugs, lip balm, picture frames, you name it.  All penguins, all cute and believe it or not more are on the way.

Happy Penguin Hanukkah

December 20, 2011

To all our Jewish penguin loving friends.  Yes, it is sad that the penguin Hanukkah Menorah is no more, but here’s a wonderful picture of a Jewish Penguin for your viewing pleasure.  Enjoy the first of 8 nights of penguin presents.

Happy Waddling Hanukkah

New Penguin Goodies

November 22, 2011

With the official start of the holiday season a mere few days away (we like to call it black & white Friday), it seems that a blizzard of new penguin goodies have been arriving each day with more scheduled to turn up during the next week.  Some of our latest penguins to come waddling are some great stocking stuffers like a cool inflatable penguin beach ball, penguin lollypops, a kids penguin sippy cup, fun and festive penguin window gels, an elegant Emperor penguin plush and a Santa Penguin Chick Christmas Card with more in the penguin pipeline.

New Inflatable Penguin Beach Ball

Penguin Stuff

September 21, 2011

When folks ask me what I do I usually pause a bit. I know that the simple response of I sell penguins will no doubt elicit a puzzled look, and then an onslaught of follow-up questions. It seems that over the years I’ve become use to such an exchange and I’ve learned that the term most people can wrap their minds around is “I sell penguin stuff.”  If you think about it it’s much more appropriate  than I sell penguin toys, or gifts or even I sell everything to do with penguins.  Everyone knows stuff, and I sell penguin stuff seems to do the trick for a starting point.  9 times out of 10 by saying “penguin stuff”,  people almost immediately get it, and start ticking off the penguin sub-categories on their own in an attempt to find something that I don’t have (which may be a shorter list).  They’ll ask with a grin if I carry socks, earrings, salt and pepper shakers, flags, hats, puzzles, night lights, wind ups, slippers…?  Got it, got it, got it, I’ll reply.  Finally, when they tire of their list of things I do have they’ll usually ask if I have a real penguin?  Well, yes and no I say to their surprise.  I do have a real one, but he’s no longer alive referring to the taxidermied Adelie that was willed to me by a long time customer and is in my P-Bay Section.   So, with almost 800 different penguin items (new and used) at Penguin Place, I guess the best short answer to the age old busy body question of what I do is, I sell penguin stuff.

Our penguin bottle butler is just one of our 800 different penguin items.