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Penguin Earrings Over The Rainbow

March 30, 2012

We all love our penguins and many of us love earrings, but some penguin earrings are just a little too serious, especially with penguins being black and white and silver being – silver.  Sometimes we just want to be colorful and cool with our jewelry.  Well waddle no further my penguin loving friends as Penguin Place is now offering some fun and colorful sterling silver penguin stud earrings in five, yes, five vibrant colors.  The 9.25 sterling silver earrings are about a 1/2 inch tall (1 cm) and are available in a vibrant blue, red, green, pink and of course purple.  So, now you can combine your fashion sense, passion for penguins and your favorite color all at the same time and all this for under $10!!

Our Colorful Penguin Earrings Are Available In 5 Colors!

Another Penguin Bites The Dust

December 12, 2011

It’s the RIP time of the year for many a beloved penguin goodie here at Penguin Place, with the last of discontinued penguin items waddling out the door.  In the past 10 days alone we’ve lost penguin oven mitts, hair scrunchie, kids sunglasses, cool knit pilot hats, reversible totes, Puffsicle plush, penguin bowling game, 3-D luggage tags, bathtub buddy, Wildkin backpack, 4 port USB hub, black penguin socks,  penguin toilet handles, kids books, earrings, two piece loungewear sets, cufflinks and penguin chicks garden flags.  This is just in the past week, so if there’s a penguin you’re thinking about and it’s in stock act now for tomorrow may be too late. Some may be back in 2012, but most are gone for good.  RIPP (Rest In Peace Penguins).

Our very popular Penguin Oven Mitt. Gone but not forgotten and hopefully back in 2012.

Penguin Jewelry

December 10, 2011

With such a diverse collection of silver and gold penguin jewelry and the price of precious metals going up it was just a matter of time before we had to raise our prices, as we had kept the lid on them for so long.  Still, our prices for our penguin earrings, pendants, rings and bracelets are quite reasonable considering the market, and all our sterling silver and gold penguin jewelry are made right here in the USA.

Little Blue Penguin Sterling Silver Earrings


Penguin Stuff

November 11, 2011

When people ask me what kind of stuff I offer at Penguin Place, my response is invariably to say that they already answered their own question.  Penguin stuff and all kinds of cool penguin stuff I’ll say. Then we’ll go through an informal checklist.  Jewelry? Got it. Socks? Got it. Oven Mitts? Got it. Backpacks? Got it, and on it goes.  Today we got in red penguin suspenders in adult and 3 different kids sizes.  Yesterday, a penguin toothbrush UV Sanitizer and the day before penguin shaped pasta and a penguin crossing key chain. In other words, penguin stuff and lots of it.

Penguin Suspendars

Penguin Jewelry

November 4, 2011

Penguin Place offers a wide variety of sterling silver and gold penguin pendants, bracelets, earrings, rings and broaches, but unfortunately as the price of precious metals go up so must our penguin jewelry. Only yesterday we received a shipment of silver penguin cut out pendants and single penguin rings and found that the prices since our last shipment before the Summer had gone up about 30%.  Though through it all we’re still trying to keep our selection up and our prices down.

Silver Cut Out Pendant


Last Minute Penguin Gift Ideas For Mother’s Day.

May 4, 2011

With Mother’s Day only a few days away Penguin Place has lots of cool last minute penguins for that penguin loving mom of yours, with fast, same day shipping and even free shipping for domestic orders over $75.

Sterling Silver Earrings For Mom

With scores of penguins in our jewelry section from penguin earrings, bracelets and pendants in gold, brass and silver, to fun penguin mom and chick plush, to adorable houseware related penguin items, like penguin picture frames, potholders, salt and pepper shakers and penguin tote bags, to cool figurines or pajamas.  There’s even a couple of cool new Pink Plush Penguins, that are perfect for mom.  So, with hundreds to choose from there absolutely should be a penguin for mom, and with free, same day shipping on orders over $75, we’re here to make your one stop penguin shopping destination as fun and easy as a casual waddle on the ice.

A Cool Pink Penguin Plush May Be Perfect For Mom!