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Happy Penguin Hanukkah

December 20, 2011

To all our Jewish penguin loving friends.  Yes, it is sad that the penguin Hanukkah Menorah is no more, but here’s a wonderful picture of a Jewish Penguin for your viewing pleasure.  Enjoy the first of 8 nights of penguin presents.

Happy Waddling Hanukkah

Could This Be The End Of Penguin Hanukkah?

October 6, 2010

Once upon a time, not too long ago Penguin Place actually had it’s own relevant Penguin Hanukkah Section.  Among the unique Jewish themed penguin items that constituted  our Penguin Hanukkah Section was our very popular Penguin Menorah, which was adorable but in reality was more trouble than it was worth, as just about half the time one of the 9 penguin candle holders, (that were made out of painted marbles glue together) or candle cups would break off during shipping. The damaged menorah’s would leave a trail of penguin Hanukkah menorah mayhem throughout the Jewish penguin loving world during a time of the year that no one had the time to deal with damages, UPS claim forms and replacements.  Despite all the trouble they made for us we loved this cool penguin festival of lights waddler, but sadly the woman who made the menorah’s by hand passed away a couple of years ago.  We also had two plush penguins with Hanukkah or Jewish themes, Pinkus and Judah Macabee , but their manufacturer Princess Toys recently became a casualty of the economy and after 75 years in business went belly up taking Pinkus & Judah with them.  As much as we wanted to bolster our Hanukkah / Jewish Penguin subjection, we recently took a pass on a hand crafted penguin mezuzah as we felt it was too pricey (would retail for $75) and we didn’t really find it attractive.  This leaves us today with only our penguin kippah / yarmulke (skullcap) as our only penguin Judaica item, and as we know one item sadly does not remotely constitute a section, or even a subsection.  It’s just a lonely number.  So, with the start of the festival of lights holiday only 7 weeks away we must say that barring another miracle of Hanukkah there will be hardly a Jewish Penguin to be found in the land of Penguin Place.

Our Last Jewish Penguin Left at Penguin Place

No Chanukah Miracle For Penguin Menorah

November 11, 2009

After six festive season of being a Chanukah mainstay at Penguin Place our ceramic Penguin Menorah has been discontinued by the manufacturer.  We were holding out hope for another Chanukah miracle, but alas we just found out the sad news yesterday that our menorah people won’t be bringing it back this year.  Our only other option was a Polar Bear and Penguin Menorah, but we ‘re purists and don’t do bi-polar.  We still have our Penguin Kippah’s and Pinkus the Penguin Chanukah Plush.  Hopefully our Penguin Menorah will return triumphantly next year.


Has the recession taken its toll on our Penguin Menorah?