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Penguin Mittens

November 12, 2011

With cold weather on the horizon what could be more appropriate than an adorable pair of warm penguin mittens. Our Penguin Mittens are very cute, 100% wool, by Delux / Knitwits , and without a doubt are this seasons must have penguin accessory.  Adult sized, and made of natural New Zealand wool, they are fleece lined for warmth and comfort. Contrasting pop out beak; bead accenting for eyes; wood button and connector strap detail at wrists. These penguin mittens are hand crafted in Nepal in a fair trade program which supports the local community. They’ll stretch to fit almost all size hands comfortably, and are available with a matching knit penguin pilot hat.

Penguin Knit Hat

November 12, 2011

Our latest  Penguin Place knit penguin pilot hat for 2011 from Knitwits / Delux is their Peppy Penguin Pilot Hat  and mittens design.  This may be the cutest wool knit penguin pilot hat we’ve ever had.  I especially like the unique little ears and the simple understated design and true penguin colors, black and white, with a yellow beak.  No need for a bow tie or exaggerated big eyes on this cutie.  Of course they come with matching wool penguin mittens and of course we’re carrying them.

Our adorable Peppy Penguin Knit Hat and Mittens

Penguin Knit Hat and Mittens

November 5, 2011

There’s a chill in the air here at Penguin Place as we waddle into November, and if this isn’t the perfect time to bring back our very popular Knitwits Knit Penguin Pilot Hat and Mittens then we don’t know what is. They’re available individually or as at a discount as a penguin hat and mittens set.  Did we mention they’re cute?

Peppy Penguin Knit Pilot Hat and Mittens

Cool Penguin Hat and Mittens

October 31, 2009

Just arrived this afternoon are quite possibly the coolest penguin accessories we’ve had since our legendary penguin shower cap of the mid-90’s. This time it’s an adult andkids sized penguin knit hat and mittens. The kids version that we received (fortunately) had no red bow tie on both the hat and mittens, but both the print and on-line catalog versions showed the silly bow tie, so at a loss as how to show the hats and mittens I received on I asked my 6 year daughter Sophie to model them for me in front of the bathroom door, and I really think she did and excellent job. Even if I didn’t do such a great job photoshopping out the bathroom door.


6 Year Old Sophie Models New Knit Penguins