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New Penguin Mugs and Stoneware

April 20, 2013

This past week we’ve brought back a popular line of heavy duty penguin stoneware from the good folks at Cuppa Inc of Tampa Florida.  When we first carried Cuppa it was only a heavy duty penguin couple coffee mug, but now they also offer a penguin beer stein, water bottle, shot glass, shot glass shooter and penguin travel mug as well.  We loved them all so much we decided to carry them all.  All made in the USA.



Penguin Shower Cap

March 12, 2012

Of course it’s real easy to stock our Penguin Place shop with penguin stuffed animals, mugs, and salt and pepper shakers, but we really love the crazy, silly and unique penguin goodies that also make up or crazy, silly and unique website, which is why we’re always happy when something like our Penguin Shower Cap comes back in stock.  Imported from the U.K. this silly penguin is one of our definitive strange penguin items.  No, I’ve never worn one in the shower, and yes I can still love it even if I’ve never worn it.

It’s Raining Penguin Mugs

November 22, 2010

Strange but true, but lately it seems that our Penguin Place P-Bay Section has been inundated with dozens of vintage penguin mugs.  In many ways this penguin mug bonanza has been a waddle down memory lane for us as we recognize many of the mugs from our inventory of 20 – 25 years ago.

Pretty cool, and get ’em while you can.  In P-Bay there’s usually only one of each item and when it’s gone.  It’s gone, and for a 25 year old penguin mug in mint condition this might be a once in a lifetime opportunity if you are indeed looking for a cool, vintage penguin mug.