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Penguin Monopoly is Penguin-Opoly

October 27, 2011

A couple things I always thought was a natural for penguin merchandise was a penguin chess set and a penguin version of Monopoly.  With so many species and sub-species it would be easy in incorporate penguins into both games. The only dilemma with the chess set would be turning the Emperor into and Empress, so you have a King and an Empress.  As for Monopoly over the past two decades there’s been so many themes that have branched out from the original Atlantic City version of the game it seemed like only a matter of time before someone did a penguin version (and I’m not talking about the Pittsburgh Penguin kind). Now a company has finally created Penguin-Opoly and have done a fine job too.  Tweaking the rules a bit, but the basic premise is still the same.  There’s money and property and instead of passing go you pass waddle.  I have a little problem of the players pieces being fish and not penguins, but all in all there are more than enough penguins in this board game box.