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It’s Penguin Graduation Time

May 16, 2014

It use to be hard to find penguin themed graduation gifts, but now that Penguin Gift Shop has a say in the matter, not anymore.  Now if you’re a penguin loving graduate, be it from, pre-school, elementary, middle, junior, high school or even college we’ve got a cool penguin graduate plush for you!

Our penguin plush graduate comes in 3 sizes!

Our penguin plush graduate comes in 3 sizes!

Not to mention a card and a funny t-shirt from our favorite make believe place of higher education, The University of Antarctica.

Penguin Grad Card

Penguin Grad Card

Penguins For Mother’s Day

May 5, 2014

Penguin Gift Shop has lots of wonderful penguin gifts for a Penguin Loving Mom.  Earrings, pendants, broaches and other jewelry.  Mom and Chick Plush, cards, mugs even pajama’s.  But, our favorite and most perfect gift is our I Love Mom Penguin Chick Plush.  It’s 10″ tall, under $20 and we’re shipping these out same day we receive the orders via Priority Mail which is 2 -3 days anywhere in the

Penguins In Pink

May 9, 2012

Every year there seems to be a theme in the plush penguins that are available to us. Last year it was “big eyes”.  It seemed that half of the penguin stuffed animals offered by our distributors had over-sized eyes.  This year it looks like hot colors are in.  Penguin plush in pink, purple, with glitter fabric and floral prints are all the rage.  We’ve never seen so many colorful penguins, and today we added Daisy, a penguin covered from her pink beak to pink webbed feet with a colorful floral pattern. There are a few blue penguins sprinkled in, but mostly we think these penguins are aimed at the female penguin lovers among us? Is this a good thing?  Well, there certainly are plenty of penguins available for purists, so yes.  In the opinion of the Penguin Post colorful, fun plush penguins are a wonderful thing.

Penguin Stuffed Animals

April 29, 2012

A penguin plush by any other name is still a penguin plush or a stuffed penguin. I’m kind of on the fence. What can I say, I was never a fan of  the term “stuffed animal” as it sounds like I got my penguin at the taxidermist, but people don’t usually say “aw, that’s a cute penguin plush”.  It just sounds too awkward, and only my 5 year daughter can get away with “plushie”.  My un-scientific survey says “stuffed animal” or “stuffed penguin” usually wins out over penguin plush, but to each his /her own.    The worst term for me was when I had my brick and mortar shop at South Street Seaport and people use to ask me “how much are your Teddy Bears?” while pointing at a stuffed penguin on a shelf.  Teddy Bears!?  They were so use to saying Teddy Bear in reference to any plush that they just couldn’t help themselves, even in what was obviously an all-penguin store.  Kind of like calling a Penguin Bank and “Piggy Bank”.  I don’t like it, but I get it none the less.   Still, I digress. Be it penguin plush, stuffed penguin or ee-gads, penguin teddy bear, Penguin Place has just added 10 new ones this month to our ever growing plush penguin “igloo”.   Some look like very realistic like the Adelie plush large and small and Shaggy penguin, and others like Posh, Punk Blackfoot and  Bright Eyes are just cute and kind of silly.  There’s even a very lovely Sweetie Plush Penguin with an embroidered heart who’s arrived a couple of months too late for Valentines Day.  But, nearly a dozen new plush / stuffed penguins only adds to the worlds largest single offering of plush penguins from one store / website.

Now say 10 times fast : Pink Posh Penguin Plush

Penguin Blanket

March 23, 2012

It’s been a few years since Penguin Place has offered a penguin blanket of any sort, but today marked the arrival of what may be our most beautiful penguin blanket offering ( in a 1970’s sort of way).  This queen size, extremely colorful scene depicting an Emperor Penguin and chick on the Antarctic ice with the vivid polar lights above them, and more penguins on ice in the background will certainly become the centerpiece of your bedroom.  This very cool, retro looking blanket is available in a queen size (95″ x 79″) only, and makes a great looking bed spread, throw or disco wall covering as well as blanket.  This luxury plush blanket is not made from any animal. It is a printed high pile acrylic or acrylic/ polyester blend blanket. It’s called a “plush blanket” and it gets its name from the furry, plush soft texture that feels similar to mink fur. This penguin blanket does not shed, bleed, fade and is machine washable and Dryer safe! They are durable and will last from 10-20 years with normal wear and tear.  Our penguin plush blanket is also allergy free .

Queen Size Penguin Blanket

Happy Penguin St. Patrick’s Day

March 17, 2012

In my opinion a penguin is as close to a leprechaun as one can get in the natural world.  At least we’d like to think so today.  So Happy Penguin St. Patrick’s Day everyone.   

Patty McPenguin


Penguin Shower Cap

March 12, 2012

Of course it’s real easy to stock our Penguin Place shop with penguin stuffed animals, mugs, and salt and pepper shakers, but we really love the crazy, silly and unique penguin goodies that also make up or crazy, silly and unique website, which is why we’re always happy when something like our Penguin Shower Cap comes back in stock.  Imported from the U.K. this silly penguin is one of our definitive strange penguin items.  No, I’ve never worn one in the shower, and yes I can still love it even if I’ve never worn it.

Penguins For St. Patrick’s Day

March 7, 2012

As usual Penguin Place is where to find the most unique penguins, as our motto is if we can’t find it, we’ll make it.  Well, that’s not really our motto, but you get the point.  This year we have Patty McPenguin and Seamus McWaddle, we’re not sure which one if the best name but I’m leaning toward McWaddle.   Patty is a seven inch tall Emperor Chick plush with a glittering green top hat complete with four leaf clover on his head and a felt green scarf, as it can be a little chilly on St. Patrick’s Day.  Seamus is a seven inch Emperor also with the top hat and scarf accessories.  They’re both ready to celebrate the day and claim to be penguin sons of Erin. Who’s gonna doubt them?

Patty McPenguin

Colorful Penguin Plush

July 30, 2011

Every once in a while in the black and white world of penguins comes along something so cool and colorful that even the most conservative of penguin lovers (I like my penguins black & white) relent.   In this case it’s our Peace, Love & Penguin plush. He’s hip, he’s cool, he’s colorful!  He’s a tie-dyed 12″ tall, plush penguin with Peace, Love and Penguin embroidered on his belly!  Brilliant rainbow hues, soft plush, on unique colorful patterns throughout this original looking penguin.  Of course, just like all our Penguin Place plush this very cool, psychedelic patterned penguin is made from the finest quality, child friendly materials that are rigorously tested to ensure that they meet or exceed all US safety standards.

Last Minute Penguin Gift Ideas For Mother’s Day.

May 4, 2011

With Mother’s Day only a few days away Penguin Place has lots of cool last minute penguins for that penguin loving mom of yours, with fast, same day shipping and even free shipping for domestic orders over $75.

Sterling Silver Earrings For Mom

With scores of penguins in our jewelry section from penguin earrings, bracelets and pendants in gold, brass and silver, to fun penguin mom and chick plush, to adorable houseware related penguin items, like penguin picture frames, potholders, salt and pepper shakers and penguin tote bags, to cool figurines or pajamas.  There’s even a couple of cool new Pink Plush Penguins, that are perfect for mom.  So, with hundreds to choose from there absolutely should be a penguin for mom, and with free, same day shipping on orders over $75, we’re here to make your one stop penguin shopping destination as fun and easy as a casual waddle on the ice.

A Cool Pink Penguin Plush May Be Perfect For Mom!