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Penguins Melt Your Hearts While Their Poop Melts The Ice

May 2, 2015

The Penguin Post has learned that Gentoo penguins have given the term nesting a whole new meaning.  The penguins poop on their frozen landscape in the Antarctic to melt it, creating the ideal location to rear their young when the time comes, new video footage suggests.42-67137516.jpg__800x600_q85_crop

Though most humans wouldn’t consider poop an appropriate decoration for a child’s nursery (although it is certainly a common element in them), poop seems to play a key role in penguins’ breeding behavior. This poop “landscaping” is probably unintentional: The penguins most likely aren’t considering the feng shui of their feces and deliberately pooping to make room for their chicks’ nurseries, researchers said.

Gentoo penguin pooping in the snowThe new insight came from thousands of hours of video taken by researchers from the University of Oxford in England, along with the Australian Antarctic Division. The researchers spent a year videotaping the behavior of a colony of Gentoo penguins on Cuverville Island, off the Antarctic Peninsula. The team also used snow gauges to measure how fast snow melted as the tuxedo-clad birds came and went. [See Video of the Penguin’s Poop Landscaping]

The frosty region is usually blanketed by snow and ice, but that changed at certain times of the year. The birds aggregated in large groups, leaving huge piles of guano, or poop. The dark color of the poop allowed the light from the weak Antarctic sun to be more quickly absorbed. That, in turn, fueled the melting of the ice and left a lot of bare rocky shelters — perfect nesting grounds for rearing their adorable penguin chicks.

Gentoo penguins, or Pygoscelis papua, are among the rarest of the Antarctic birds, with fewer than 300,000 breeding pairs on the icy continent, according to the British Antarctic Survey. The Gentoo’s, like many other penguins, are monogamous, usually mating with the same partner year after year. Each female penguin lays just two eggs for the season, so it’s no surprise that they aggressively protect their eggs, according to the British Antarctic Survey. The penguins tend to place their eggs on hilltops and open beaches, collecting bits of pebbles and other objects from their surroundings for their nests.

Talking Penguin

May 9, 2012

At some point in our lives we’ve all spent time talking to our stuffed penguins.  Unfortunately, this was always a one way conversation. Now, we have a penguin that actually talks back.  Well, sort of, as our new Chitter Chatter Penguin Plush will talk to you whenever you feel like talking to him.  We first came across this chatty pengy about four months ago at the N.Y. Toy Show and really liked this whimsical looking little penguin even before we found out he spoke.  Once we started having a conversation we immediately ordered a bunch, then of course after a couple of months went by we totally forgot about C.C. until the box arrived this morning.  I’m happy to say that I’ve been having fun with my Chitter Chatter ever since, and I can’t wait for my kids to get home from school.   The penguin doesn’t talk as much as he parrots what you say right back to you.  Switch him on and say something.  Anything.  Chitter Chatter Penguin will repeat it back to you, but not in your voice, but in a slightly speeded up kind of Alvin and the Chipmunks voice, which makes even the most mundane sentence sound fun.  Even saying,  “I have to go throw out the garbage” sounds hilarious.  Plus, to make him even more animated (fun) C.C. moves his head up and down while speaking.  This little five inch tall penguin may be the most fun new penguin item since the legendary Penguin Pooper waddled in a decade ago.

Penguin Pooper Leaves ‘Em In Stitches

January 21, 2010

Dear Penguin Purveyor,

This year I received a pooping penguin for Chanukah. I thought it was cute and put it on a shelf in my 5 yr. olds room. Recently he came down with a cold and we were looking for something to occupy our time other than Spongebob and coloring books. Enter the pooping penguin, 30 minutes later we were exhausted from how much we laughed. The movements and the pooping action was entertaining enough for us to have made a pooping version of table hockey and a sort of basket pooping/gathering game. Now, I know that the pellets are edible cola flavored candy but along with them not being tasty they’re better used when recycled. just the sophomoric humor of stuffing poop back in just to be pooped out, well you get the idea. In summation I would recommend the pooping penguin for relief of boredom due to cabin fever or flu.

Mark Lumpstein (Newton, Mass)

The Penguin Pooper

Penguin Slippers This Years Big Seller

December 15, 2009

Every year there’s a runaway big seller during the holiday season that simply eclipses the rest of our penguin inventory.  One year it was our Giant Inflatable Penguin, another year it would be a penguin couple plush or wind-up penguin pooper.  But this year our biggest seller thus far is our  black and white and adorable emperor chick penguin slippers.  The reasons are usually two fold other than cuteness (which everyone already knows they are.  The first reason is price and both these slipper styles are under $20.  The next reason is availability and not necessarily  our availability, but the availability of the slippers on other websites.  It seems that we stocked up on these annual best sellers and other website that were offering them did not, although we are now sold out of the Plush Penguin Slippers in the larger size.  Besides, slippers make for great gifts for penguin lovers of all ages and genders.  In the meantime we’ve been selling out of between 5 -8 penguin items a day since the start of the holiday rush and right now our inventory has gone from about 675 different penguin items to 529 and counting.

Emperor Chick Slippers are still available in all sizes.

X-Rated Penguin Pal

December 5, 2009

The Penguin Post has stumbled across an adult penguin toy, that not the Penguin Pooper or even the Proliferating Penguin Mug. What we’ve found is the I Rub My Penguin®. Which in a nutshell is a personal penguin vibrator. Here’s the description for the penguin although right now Penguin Place does not have any plans to offer it.
This cute little vibrating waddler has 8 Play Modes, including multiple speed and pulse pattern combinations to meet your different massage needs. His curved body makes him easy to hold and to choose the depth and girth that is most desirable for you! This little guy loves “fowl” play with his round head and fat nose that curve around and caress the female’s most erotic spot with a Pulsating Antarctic Blast that will send a chill up your spine. Your friendly Penguin also comes with his own decorative Iceberg Display Stand that sits on counter tops or attaches to the shower wall (with included suction cups), so your new best friend is always nearby and ready to play! Requires 2 AA Batteries. (Not Included)

A very cute dirty bird

It’s Beginning To Look Like Penguin Christmas

November 29, 2009

A half dozen happy penguin ornaments.

With Thanksgiving weekend just about come and gone  and as we now dive  head first into the  Penguin Shopping Season Feeding Frenzy it appears from here that all our Penguin Place Igloo ducks, uh…I mean penguins are in a row.  Our Penguin Place Christmas Section is presently comprised of 54 different penguin items with more on the way. This week after getting a little lost after waddling their way to our old Brooklyn igloo rather than Northampton our quilted Penguin Christmas stockings and holiday kitchen towels have arrived.  They will soon be followed by our penguin holiday tree skirt and holiday penguin throw. Also, after taking a bit of a leisurely waddle to get here we now have 18 brand spanking new penguin Christmas Ornaments! That’s right I said 18 unique penguin ornaments have just arrived and none of the new ones are over $5.95. Also, just in is a mini 7″ x 7″ 2010 penguin nature calendar, chocolate penguin pops, holiday penguin socks for adults and kids, Magic Capri Penguin Pants and from what we hear through the penguin grape vine the Wind-Up Penguin Pooper may be making a comeback before weeks end!!

Mr. & Mrs. Penguin Santa Claus are part of our new ornament selection.