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Penguin Proposal

April 15, 2013

Penguins are not only beautiful but are very romantic when it comes to proposing their mates. There are basically two charming traditions that surrounds the story related to love and proposal of penguins. Also they are among those rare animals who choose their mates for life.


Story #1:


When a male penguin falls in love with a female penguin, he searches the entire beach to find the perfect pebble and when he finally finds it, he waddles over to her chosen one and places the pebble right in front of her feet. If she picks the peddle, it means she accept the proposal.




During the mating season penguins gather on the beaches with a pebble in their possession. Each penguin will present his/her perfect pebble to the mate he or she most desires. If the pebble is accepted, they are mates for life.



Popping the Question With The Help Of A Penguin

June 9, 2011

The Penguin Post is please to report that recently at the West Edmonton Mall in Canada, a local penguin who is one of the huge shopping centers many attractions, helped an Ontario man pop the question to his girlfriend on Thursday. Corey Tinkess and Amanda Timmers travelled to Edmonton from Ingleside, a community near Ottawa. They had planned to come to the city for a vacation, and he thought that this would be the perfect time and place to propose. With the help of Tweeblik an 11-year-old penguin and staff at West Edmonton Mall, Tinkess was able to catch his girlfriend completley off guard. A tour of the Sea Life Caverns ended with and overture of love. Tweeblik was introduced to the couple wearing a red bow tie, wearing the ring on a white ribbon around his neck. The shaking Amanda accepted Corey’s proposal with a blush and a kiss. Tinkess had been crafting the proposal for two months and said that it was hard to keep it a secret. “It’s been a couple months and its hard not to tell anyone…I am horrible at keeping secrets.” said Tinkess.  Timmers says that she is not surprised that he worked hard on the planning. “He always does things to the extreme…it makes sense that this is how he did it.” Amanda has always loved penguins, so they were the perfect choice for the proposal. “I love them because the are so awkward…the way they walk,” she said Tinkness says that penguins are symbolic of how he feels about his now fiancee. “They mate for life and that’s really symbolic of how I feel about Amanda, I plan on spending my life with only her.” Amanda, 22 and Corey, 23 have been dating for almost five years and met when they were children. They are spending another six days in Edmonton before returning to Ontario.

Tweeblik the penguin helped Corey Tinkess propose to the love of his life on Thursday.

A Seaworld Penguin Proposal

September 24, 2010

Colin Cabalka, a California Boy, and Emily Wilson, a Florida gal, have quite the love story. Therefore, when it came time for the proposal, Colin did not disappoint. He had to pull a few strings at Sea World to make it all happen in their world famous Penguin Encounter, but it worked! Colin explains the significance of his proposal:

“The idea of the pengiun proposal started with the metaphor of penguins picking a mate for life. Emily asked me (Colin) to be her penguin about a few months after dating, and the metaphor has always been part of our relationship. When I decided I wanted to propose, I had to do something really big, and yet still original and significant to our relationship.”

“Along long time ago, a boy named Colin reached out of a bus window and gave cookies to two girls, Sarah and Shannan, in Cannes France at the Film Festival. These girls then told Colin that he would make a perfect match for Emily Wilson (Sarah’s sister in Florida) and that they would eventually get married. Colin was skeptical but also a little optimistic. Colin & Emily began talking long distance without ever meeting, sending videos to introduce themselves, emailing, texting, skyping, etc. Eventually they met in the airport when Colin went to pickup Sarah and EMILY jumped out. They started dating the day the met, and they fell for each other fast.” 8 months later…a surprise proposal in the Penguin Encounter at Seaworld . It just goes to show how a little fun, communication and some penguin passion can go along way.

That’s One Cool Proposal

October 29, 2009

Great story from the Brooklyn Paper July 2, 2008 by Michael Lipkin. Yes that’s my daughter Sophie throwing the confetti in the photo below.

It’s not every day that someone asks if he can propose to his girlfriend in your store — and it’s certainly rare if you own the world’s only all-penguin merchandising outlet. So owner Eric Bennett of Penguin Place knew he had a chance for a once-in-a-lifetime event.

“If anything, it gave me an excuse to clean up,” said Bennett, whose warehouse is on Water Street in DUMBO.

But Bennett did far more than that, turning his penguin-filled storeroom into a romantic getaway (romantic if you love Gentoos, that is).

The groom-to-be, Daniel Raymond, 21, came all the way from London to propose to his now-fiancée — and penguin devotee — Rachel Jacobs, 19, a New Jersey resident. Raymond planned the big day months ago when he contacted Bennett about setting up the proposal in the store, which is really just a backroom in Bennett’s DUMBO apartment.

Bennett put up as much penguin paraphernalia as he could in anticipation of the couple’s arrival. When Daniels and her sweetheart arrived, she was overcome. And The Brooklyn Paper was there.

“This is like heaven. I’ve never seen so many penguins in my life,” she exclaimed.

Daniels popped the question and offered a ring in a penguin-shaped box. Next, it was time for celebrating with eight of their friends and Bennett’s family. “I hope they have lots of kids,” Bennett said. “Kids that like penguins.”


Indeed, that is one cool proposal!