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Penguins Still Waddling To Brooklyn

November 28, 2009

Although it’s been five months since Penguin Place has moved from Brooklyn to Northampton some penguin migration habits are hard to break.  Such is the case with our missing shipment  of penguin Christmas stockings, holiday throws, penguin tree skirts, penguin trio holiday dish towels and about a dozen different penguin Christmas ornaments all of which ended up at our old Brooklyn igloo, and then in Fed Ex limbo for the past three weeks.  Apparently, our distributers the customer (dis)service person taking our order back in October failed to hit “enter” after we informed her of our new Northampton address and the penguins went that a way rather than this a way.  Oh well, a couple of phone calls later and they’ve finally been tracked down and re-shipped to our new address just in time for December.  Better late than never is what we like to say in the Penguin biz.

Penguin Christmas Stocking Finally Escapes From New York