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Air Mail Penguins

November 7, 2014

We love all our international customers, and the fact that there are so many devoted penguin lovers all over the world.  Most of the time our international orders ship within 24 hours and take between a week (Canada) to 10 days (Europe) to a couple of weeks (Australia & Asia).  In reality the length of time it takes to arrive at the various destinations depends more on the respective customs and local post offices as much as distance.  But, with the holidays coming up it’s all about volume and many packages get stuck and backed up waiting to clear customs.  So, that said, when it comes to international air mail penguin orders, and given our experience in all matters of mail order penguins, our advice to our penguin loving international customers is that you should place your orders at least 4 – 6 weeks in advance to guarantee your penguins arrive in time for the holidays this season.


World’s Oldest Penguin

May 27, 2014

 The Penguin Post has learned that The Pueblo Zoo in Colorado is home to a record-holding penguin!  Tess the penguin is currently the oldest living female African Penguin in the world. “She’s just extremely healthy. She’s got a little arthritis, and she certainly doesn’t go running around like the younger penguins you know, but she loves to swim!” Melanie Pococke, the Animal Service Coordinator and primary caretaker of the penguins at the Pueblo Zoo explained.  In the wild African penguins life expectancy is 10-15 years, but in aquarium’s or zoo’s (because of the lack of predators and in house health care) that figure is usually doubled.  But, Tess has them all beat and Ms. Pococke said it’s very possible Tess could even outlive the oldest male penguin’s record age of 42.

Tess the world's oldest lady penguin

Tess the world’s oldest lady penguin

Monday, the Pueblo Zoo celebrated this milestone birthday, giving a “cake” of frozen fish to the penguins in the enclosure.  “It’s a fish-cicle basically. And I made the fish tails stick out so it looks kind of like candles,” Pococke said. For the human visitors, a sweeter cake with icing designed as Tess’ habitat was served.”They’re so cute!,” Brooke Uhlman, a 5-year-old penguin lover said, as she watched the little birds waddle. 

“Her whole room has more penguins than you can imagine,” her mom, Denise said. “She has big penguins, small penguins, even a life-sized penguin. We have about six penguin books,” she explained. Needless to say, many of the kids, like Brooke, were excited to get to share in the birthday celebration. They were just glad they didn’t have to share the fishy ice-cake. Tess was originally brought to the Pueblo Zoo as a temporary solution for the trouble she was causing at the Denver Zoo in 1999. According to Pococke, Tess kept interfering with another pair the Zoo was trying to bond. “She is a boy magnet! She also tends to go for the younger males, she’s a bit of a cougar,” Pococke said, laughing. Tess’ longevity could be due to her vivacious spirit, and frequent flirting.  But, not to fear. Tess has now found true love with an penguin eight years her younger, named Mongo. Mongo and Tess have been together since 2006. According to the Zoo, she adores Mongo and, in turn, he is extremely attentive and dotes on her. They are proud to report she has not seriously flirted with other males since pairing up with Mongo.

It's never too late.  Tess and Mongo

It’s never too late. Tess and Mongo

Penguin Youtube Page

September 15, 2013

In trying to show the folks at home what some of our moving, singing, dancing and waddling penguins are like in action we’ve decided to make our own Penguin Gift Shop Youtube page and include links to these video’s embedded in the specific penguin items description.  All of which makes answering the questions as far as what our new Singing / Dancing Happy Birthday does (featuring Rose and Greta) and what our incredible dancing Penguin CineSpinner does (courtesy of the Buzzcocks).  All check out our very fun video Rose Makes The Penguin Race Go Wee!

Graduation Penguins

April 27, 2013

This year the Penguin Gift Shop at Penguin Place has a whole rookery of penguin graduation plush, t-shirts, cards and toys.  Our plush penguin grads range from 6″ tall with a cap and diploma to a giant near life size Emperor Chick and adult Emperor.  We’ve even created our own Penguin Graduation Section of our website.


Talking Penguin

May 9, 2012

At some point in our lives we’ve all spent time talking to our stuffed penguins.  Unfortunately, this was always a one way conversation. Now, we have a penguin that actually talks back.  Well, sort of, as our new Chitter Chatter Penguin Plush will talk to you whenever you feel like talking to him.  We first came across this chatty pengy about four months ago at the N.Y. Toy Show and really liked this whimsical looking little penguin even before we found out he spoke.  Once we started having a conversation we immediately ordered a bunch, then of course after a couple of months went by we totally forgot about C.C. until the box arrived this morning.  I’m happy to say that I’ve been having fun with my Chitter Chatter ever since, and I can’t wait for my kids to get home from school.   The penguin doesn’t talk as much as he parrots what you say right back to you.  Switch him on and say something.  Anything.  Chitter Chatter Penguin will repeat it back to you, but not in your voice, but in a slightly speeded up kind of Alvin and the Chipmunks voice, which makes even the most mundane sentence sound fun.  Even saying,  “I have to go throw out the garbage” sounds hilarious.  Plus, to make him even more animated (fun) C.C. moves his head up and down while speaking.  This little five inch tall penguin may be the most fun new penguin item since the legendary Penguin Pooper waddled in a decade ago.

Mr. Penguins Popper

March 8, 2012

About halfway through the recent N.Y. Toy Show, a point known by fellow attendees as “the wall” by veteran Toy Show buyers like myself, who courageously attempt to walk the entire 15 miles of Javits Center rows in one day, I was hit in the side of my head by a soft, golf ball sized projectile.   Things like this happen from time to time at the Toy Show as various vendors try to get your attention by any means necessary, so I wasn’t all that surprised to be clocked.  During the course of any show remote control helicopters may inadvertently land on your head, a stray “super-curving” whiffle ball may whiz by your ear, so when I turned in the direction of where this little nerf bullet had emanated from I was stunned and overjoyed to see it was shot by a woman wearing an over-sized penguin costume, and not only that, she was holding some sort of penguin toy with what appeared to be a snub nosed muzzle for a mouth.  The shooter and the weapon had been found, and they were penguins! How she knew to shoot me of all people can only be called fate or her penguin instinct, but it’s a good thing she did.   Funny thing is her company are the same folks that Penguin Place gets our penguin ear buds from, but I had no idea about this other penguin item they were also offering.  Turns out this little guy is called a Penguin Popper which makes perfect sense unless you’re dyslexic and end up calling it a Popper Penguin which sounds very much like a classic book or an o.k. movie.  I immediately asked to try out the Popper and found it to be the perfect penguin indoor toy, and a good, safe way to vent as I drilled one customer rep after another with little black nerf ball projectiles ( part of the customer reps job description is getting verbally abused and at times shot at).  Each Popper comes with a half-dozen balls, which are soft foam, golf ball sized projectiles, but have just enough heft to them that they can be shot for a fairly respectable distance and speed.  The penguin itself looks a little weird with its beak frozen in a perpetual pucker, but if you want a penguin to shoot little balls out of his mouth he needs to locked in a pucker.  There are no batteries involved, just air and pressure.  The six-inch penguin is hallow and made of a soft plastic.  Inserting the foam ball in his mouth creates a seal and a bit of a vacuum.  Point, aim and quick squeeze of the penguins belly and the ball shoots out.  The harder you squeeze the faster the ball shoots. This toy has become an instant hit at home with both my 8 and 4-year-old.  Last night we had a Penguin Popper Olympics which involved shooting the balls into a basket from about 6 feet away, hitting a target, catching balls in your hands, shooting for distance.  Good fun, no one gets hurt, the toy is virtually indestructible,  the balls can’t break anything and if our cat was still alive he’d be having the time of his life chasing the balls. Plus, it comes with six balls so there’s no anxiety if you lose one or two. We’ve been playing with it for about two weeks now and it’s made an appearance about a half-dozen times, which is pretty good for a kids toy, and to top it all off it retails for under $10.  So, we’re giving this toy two flippers up. 

Rose loves her Penguin Popper

New Penguins Waddling In

February 28, 2012

It’s been a couple of weeks since the brass at Penguin Place returned from the N.Y. Toy and Gift Show triumphant with lots of new penguin products ordered, and this past week we’ve had a mini avalanche of new penguins waddling in.  From plush, to toys, nightlights, bath gels, wrapping paper, greeting cards, earrings, key chains, bottle stoppers,  i-phone skins, purses, mugs, lip balm, picture frames, you name it.  All penguins, all cute and believe it or not more are on the way.

Another Penguin Bites The Dust

December 12, 2011

It’s the RIP time of the year for many a beloved penguin goodie here at Penguin Place, with the last of discontinued penguin items waddling out the door.  In the past 10 days alone we’ve lost penguin oven mitts, hair scrunchie, kids sunglasses, cool knit pilot hats, reversible totes, Puffsicle plush, penguin bowling game, 3-D luggage tags, bathtub buddy, Wildkin backpack, 4 port USB hub, black penguin socks,  penguin toilet handles, kids books, earrings, two piece loungewear sets, cufflinks and penguin chicks garden flags.  This is just in the past week, so if there’s a penguin you’re thinking about and it’s in stock act now for tomorrow may be too late. Some may be back in 2012, but most are gone for good.  RIPP (Rest In Peace Penguins).

Our very popular Penguin Oven Mitt. Gone but not forgotten and hopefully back in 2012.

New Penguin Goodies

November 22, 2011

With the official start of the holiday season a mere few days away (we like to call it black & white Friday), it seems that a blizzard of new penguin goodies have been arriving each day with more scheduled to turn up during the next week.  Some of our latest penguins to come waddling are some great stocking stuffers like a cool inflatable penguin beach ball, penguin lollypops, a kids penguin sippy cup, fun and festive penguin window gels, an elegant Emperor penguin plush and a Santa Penguin Chick Christmas Card with more in the penguin pipeline.

New Inflatable Penguin Beach Ball

Penguin Stuff

September 21, 2011

When folks ask me what I do I usually pause a bit. I know that the simple response of I sell penguins will no doubt elicit a puzzled look, and then an onslaught of follow-up questions. It seems that over the years I’ve become use to such an exchange and I’ve learned that the term most people can wrap their minds around is “I sell penguin stuff.”  If you think about it it’s much more appropriate  than I sell penguin toys, or gifts or even I sell everything to do with penguins.  Everyone knows stuff, and I sell penguin stuff seems to do the trick for a starting point.  9 times out of 10 by saying “penguin stuff”,  people almost immediately get it, and start ticking off the penguin sub-categories on their own in an attempt to find something that I don’t have (which may be a shorter list).  They’ll ask with a grin if I carry socks, earrings, salt and pepper shakers, flags, hats, puzzles, night lights, wind ups, slippers…?  Got it, got it, got it, I’ll reply.  Finally, when they tire of their list of things I do have they’ll usually ask if I have a real penguin?  Well, yes and no I say to their surprise.  I do have a real one, but he’s no longer alive referring to the taxidermied Adelie that was willed to me by a long time customer and is in my P-Bay Section.   So, with almost 800 different penguin items (new and used) at Penguin Place, I guess the best short answer to the age old busy body question of what I do is, I sell penguin stuff.

Our penguin bottle butler is just one of our 800 different penguin items.