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Penguin Couple Married On Valentine’s Day

February 14, 2012

The Penguin Post has learned that staff at the Shanghai Ocean Aquarium in China have decided to put on a show for visitors by setting up a wedding for a loving penguin couple, named Xiaobai and Xiaoxue. To add to the spectacle, the two Humboldt penguins were carried from their enclosure to the wedding ceremony in a miniature remote-controlled car, and rather than wedding rings for their flippers, the love-up pair were given flowers to put around their necks. Excited visitors to the zoo then gathered to take pictures of the newlywed penguins and the spectacular ceremony. One of the penguin keepers said: ‘First of all, Valentine’s Day is coming up and we can feel this festival approaching us. Our aquarium, looking from the viewpoint of our marine species, decided to stage a wedding for this penguin couple. They are one of the few in the animal kingdom that are monogamous, which is similar to us, human beings. So we hope that through this event, everyone will feel love is in the air.’  We certainly do.  Happy Valentine’s Day everyone.


Penguin Shot Glass Back In Stock

July 30, 2011

After a month hiatus, a new shipment of our very popular, exclusive penguin couple shot glasses finally arrived here at our igloo yesterday afternoon. Our back orders have been shipped, and the shot glasses are on the shelves and ready for a home.  What makes these penguin shot glasses especially cool is that they are available for customizing by adding names and dates to the reverse side if ordered in quantities of 100 or more.  Perfect for penguin loving wedding, Bar Mitzvah’s or other large events.

That’s One Cool Proposal

October 29, 2009

Great story from the Brooklyn Paper July 2, 2008 by Michael Lipkin. Yes that’s my daughter Sophie throwing the confetti in the photo below.

It’s not every day that someone asks if he can propose to his girlfriend in your store — and it’s certainly rare if you own the world’s only all-penguin merchandising outlet. So owner Eric Bennett of Penguin Place knew he had a chance for a once-in-a-lifetime event.

“If anything, it gave me an excuse to clean up,” said Bennett, whose warehouse is on Water Street in DUMBO.

But Bennett did far more than that, turning his penguin-filled storeroom into a romantic getaway (romantic if you love Gentoos, that is).

The groom-to-be, Daniel Raymond, 21, came all the way from London to propose to his now-fiancée — and penguin devotee — Rachel Jacobs, 19, a New Jersey resident. Raymond planned the big day months ago when he contacted Bennett about setting up the proposal in the store, which is really just a backroom in Bennett’s DUMBO apartment.

Bennett put up as much penguin paraphernalia as he could in anticipation of the couple’s arrival. When Daniels and her sweetheart arrived, she was overcome. And The Brooklyn Paper was there.

“This is like heaven. I’ve never seen so many penguins in my life,” she exclaimed.

Daniels popped the question and offered a ring in a penguin-shaped box. Next, it was time for celebrating with eight of their friends and Bennett’s family. “I hope they have lots of kids,” Bennett said. “Kids that like penguins.”


Indeed, that is one cool proposal!