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Penguins Back In Isle Of Man via Texas!

April 29, 2014

The penguins are back! Two of them are now relaxing in deck chairs on the gate posts of Barbara and David Cole’s house in Victoria Road, Castletown, in The Isle Of Man, UK.


As reported in the Penguin Post last November, one of the landmark birds was vandalized and wrenched off its post. Broken bits were found nearby, but it was very badly damaged. In stepped Dave Mousley, a Port Erin resident, whose drive to work at Veros Digital in Douglas, takes him by the penguins every day.  After he found out about the vandalism, he vowed to reinstate the penguin.

David’s background in model making, film and TV special effects, means he has the skills and contacts to help with a replacement. But as the US company that originally manufactured the penguin had gone into liquidation tracking one down was hard. Thanks to the internet, he managed to find a matching penguin – in Texas. He said: ‘I have spent a lot of time on collectors’ blogs and auctions seeing if I could locate one as once we knew a repair was not viable due to the missing piece, the only options were to recast from the intact one or find a replacement.

‘We couldn’t access the moulds so we had been arranging to create a new latex mould and cast one, which is in itself quite tricky for such a large piece. Just as I was ordering the materials to do this, I got a note on a blog in Santa Cruz from a guy who had this one and so there he is!’

The penguin made the long journey from Texas to Castletown, arriving two weeks ago. Dave said: ‘It’s been a pleasure to help … and I am pleased I was able to resolve this in time for spring and visitors returning to the island.’ A delighted Barbara said: ‘I don’t think anyone envisioned just what a task it would be … most people would have given up months ago, it’s so refreshing to find someone who sticks to their word.

Penguins On Ice For Breaking & Entering

March 22, 2012

The Penguin Post has learned that the El Paso County Sheriff’s deputies arrested six penguins on Tuesday, believing they are the waddlers behind an incident of early morning vandalism at Clint High School.  It seems the mischievous penguin vandals are accused of breaking into the school and then using glue to close doors and turn lights on.  In a curious move, the penguin perps also spray painted the number “2012” on a brick wall.  Authorities believe they may be minions sent to spread the word about the year-end apocalypse.  Or, maybe not, since it seems the six penguin vandals are actually seniors at the Texas school.  Someone saw the group — dressed as penguins — sneaking into the high school at 3:50 a.m. Monday morning and called the police. The group seems to have randomly chosen the penguin costumes, as the school

Wanted for B & E

mascot is listed as the lion. Perhaps the gangs thinking was that a penguin is a more sympathetic animal if caught. The teens — Ray Pacheco, 18, Hector Soto, Robert Armendariz, 18, Brandon Soltero, 18, Omar Arballo, 18, and Manuel Cano, 17 — have been charged with engaging in organized criminal activity reports the El Paso Times.  The crime, which is akin to engaging in a conspiracy to commit burglary, is a felony under Texas law. This means that these penguin impersonators can potentially spend 2 years in jail for carrying out a senior prank.  In case you were wondering, Penguin Place has not sold any penguin costumes to the El Paso, Texas area recently.