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Antique and Used Penguins All The Rage on P-Bay

November 11, 2010

It could be the economy, or it could simply be the growing popularity of the Penguin Place P-Bay pages, but since the Summer the number of used and collectible penguin items on the site has jumped from about 75 to well over 200 and climbing. “It’s not that we’re not moving any of our P-Bay penguins.”  Tells Penguin Place owner Eric Bennett in regards to his vintage penguins. 

“In fact we have regular collectors who troll the site every few days for new treasures, it’s just that we’ve been inundated with boxes of penguins from peoples collections since July.”  In fact to back up that statement are about 10 unopened fairly large size boxes of penguin items yet to been seen spilling out into the hallway.  According to Michelle Daily of Penguin Place, after opening each new box of used penguins, each penguin must be must be removed, cleaned, appraised, noted as to who the seller is, then photographed or scanned, re-sized, then dropped into the website, with appropriate copy and price.  “The most we have time for in any given day is maybe 15 to 20 penguin items, and we’ve literally got hundreds we have not even seen yet”. 

The items range from a real 30 year old taxidermy adelie penguin that is listed to nearly $3000 to a little 10 year old little plastic magnet for .95¢ and everything in between.  The popularity of two year old section has not gone unnoticed by penguin collectors the world over.  According to Japanese penguin collector Hayao Izuhara, “I look at the P-Bay Section about once a week for new items and when I find enough items I like, I will order about once a month.  There is an incredible diversity of used penguins and the prices are always very reasonable”.   Unlike it’s rhyming name sake cousin there is no bidding on P-Bay, but if an item does not sell after a certain amount of time the price keeps getting slashed until it does.  “Instead of bidding up, we end up bidding down over time.” said Daily. 

With the holidays just around the corner the Penguin Place staff have been going through boxes and posting holiday related penguin items.  “Seems like the right thing to do.” said Bennett.  “My favorite item right now is a plush penguin ornament that we named Thomas Jefferson Penguin.  He’s wearing a white powdered wig and holding a quill. In all my years of penguin collecting I’ve never seen anything like it.  That’s what makes P-Bay so much fun.”