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Teen / Womens Penguin Costumes Weigh In

October 27, 2011

Recently, I had a bit of a dilemma regarding the pricing and shipping charges regarding our Rasta Imposta lightweight womens / teen penguin costumes.  To be competitive with other on-line costume retailers I had marked my costumes down to a low $28.95, plus I was offering a 10% discount on top of this for Penguin Place fans on Facebook or my mailing list.  But, we were only charging a flat rate $5.99 for shipping and the costume and its plastic display holder weighed in at 1.2 lbs.  In the world of USPS  Priority Mail any package more than a pound shipping west of the Mississippi is going to cost $9 plus to ship. I tried sneaking a few through claiming they were .15 lbs. and they were promptly rejected and required extra shipping charges.  So, what to do?  My costume mark-up was now razor thin and if I was to now lose money on shipping, then…well you get the picture. So how to get around this problem short of raising the price of the costumes.  So, our solution was we decided to go lean and mean by taking the penguin costumes out of their packaging and mail them “naked” with just the receipt and wearing instructions.  Without the plastic packaging the costumes weighed in at a slim down 15 ounces, and can now ship anywhere in the USA for less than $6.  Mission accomplished, and we can only hope that no one got upset that their penguin costumes arrived with no packaging.