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Missing Penguin Found

June 23, 2015

The Penguin Post has learned that rescue workers cleaning up a zoo in the Georgian capital wrecked by severe flooding have found one of its missing penguins alive, hiding in the bushes.

9d1b7643bac64edaa7e2362050a02228-1fb07b8b145c46f485bc8164f2375c1b-5Zoo spokesman Mziya Sharashidze said Tuesday the bird was the tenth of its 17 penguins found alive after the June 14 flooding that killed more than half of the zoo’s 600 inhabitants. Another penguin was found alive last week in the Kura River near the border with Azerbaijan, 40 kilometers (25 miles) east of the capital of the former Soviet republic.


1st Baby African Penguin Born In Russia

November 20, 2014

The Penguin Post has learned that zookeepers in the Siberian city of Krasnoyarsk are taking care of a baby penguin that is the first of its kind born in Russia. The chick, or nestling, is a banded penguin, one of a South African breed protected by the government as an endangered species. A researcher at the zoo in Krasnoyarsk, who also takes care of the nestling, says it’s the first baby of this kind of penguin in Russia. As of now, the zoo has eight banded penguins. At the moment, the newly-hatched penguin is being kept and fed in an incubator. Specialists say the nestling will not appear in public until it grows bigger.


The Great Penguin Escape

June 10, 2014
Don’t let this cute Humboldt penguin fool you, Penguin 337 will not follow the rules

Don’t let this cute Humboldt penguin fool you, Penguin 337 will not follow the rules

This plucky Humboldt penguin had scaled rocks twice its size and then found a gap in the 6 foot high fence surrounding Tokyo Sea Life Park to get to open water.  Initially, the park staff were worried penguin 337 would not be capable of surviving outside the the aquarium. But, after seeing the videos people had taken of him enjoying the prime fishing areas of Tokyo Bay, they admitted he was more than capable looking after himself.  Since becoming an international celebrity the least his Japanese hosts could do was give him a proper name, and shortly after his capture penguin 337 was named Sazanami, which translates as “small waves”.   Sazamami also sounds similar to how “337” is pronounced in Japanese, the aquarium said in a statement.  To show just how popular this penguin is the competition to name penguin 337 attracted over 6,400 entries, and as far as we know Sazamami is perfectly happy with his new name and to be back with his buddies at Tokyo Sea Life Park.

Midwest Penguin Exhibit That Needs Your Help

May 8, 2014

When you think of penguins, the first thing you probably think of is an Antarctic climate full of snow and ice. But there’s plenty of penguins that live in temperate climates: and those are the ones we usually find in our zoo’s and aquariums.  Especially, the smaller zoo’s that don’t have the resources to build indoor climate controlled exhibits that feature penguins in need of a colder environment like Emperor’s, King’s, Adelie’s and Chinstraps.

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Now the Penguin Post has learned that there’s an African penguin exhibit at the Henson Robinson Zoo in Springfield, Illinois that needs your help. The penguin home is nearly 30 years old, and the zoo staff is hoping you can help build a healthier environment for the penguins to call home.

“The fundraiser invites the youth of the community to help out the zoo’s African penguins by collecting pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters, and even dollars to help build them a new home,” Kim Alexander of the Henson Robinson Zoo said. “Bring the banks back to the zoo, or take the money to any Springfield-area Illinois National Bank to deposit the money for the penguins.” The zoo’s plans include demolition and rebuilding of the building that houses the penguins, as well as a renovation of the outdoor space to more closely mimic the penguins’ natural environment.