Positively Penguins Day is January 9th

According to the International Union for Conservation of Nature, the world authority on the status of threatened species, 11 of 18 penguin species are declining and are considered an extinction risk.

It seems appropriate to bring attention to the plight of the penguin on Positively Penguins Day Jan. 9 with these instructions (below) we at Penguin Place are urging you to make a penguin and take him to work or school. There when someone asks you what’s up with your home made penguin you can explain about the plight of the worlds wild penguin populations.

Supplies you will need:

• 3 sections of a cardboard egg carton.

• Black, white and orange acrylic paint.

• Paint brush.

• 1 chenille stem.

• Yellow, black and orange foam sheet scraps or construction paper.

• Tiny wiggle eyes or fine-tipped black marker.

• 21/2-inch pompoms.

• Tacky glue or low- temperature glue gun.

• Fabric for scarf (optional).

Cut out a single section of an egg carton. Cut a two-section piece out of the carton. You will have two pieces — one with a single section and another with two sections. Trim edges.

Paint the entire outside of single section orange and the sides of the two-section piece black. Paint the bottom centers of the two-section piece white. Allow time to dry.

Cut webbed feet out of yellow craft foam or construction paper.

Cut an orange triangle for a beak.

Cut two pointed wings out of black foam or paper.

Glue the feet to the bottom of the black and white two-section piece and the beak to the center of the top of the two-section piece.

Glue eyes or draw them with the marker above the beak.

Glue wings to the sides of the two-part piece where the sections meet.

Cut a 5-inch piece of the chenille stem and bend over the top of the cup for earmuffs.

Glue pompoms to the ends of the stem.

Make your own penguin to mark Positively Penguin Day



3 Responses to “Positively Penguins Day is January 9th”

  1. Liz Says:

    It’s Positively Penguins day. You forgot the s on the end of Penguin.

  2. Red Letter Days Experiences Says:

    Red Letter Days Experiences…

    […]Positively Penguins Day is January 9th « Penguin Place Post[…]…

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